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Dragons of Old

The Dragons of Old are a species of dragon which supposedly roamed the world since long before people even existed, altough it is not actually known whether these creatures really did exist. Large, vaguely reptilian bones and skulls have been found primarily around the Sea of Fire and in the Dragon's Ridge, suggesting that some manner of massive reptile species used to live there a long, long time ago.

Nowadays, the Dragons of Old are mainly known from the mythology of the people living near the Sea of Fire, mainly Baithans, Valeans and Serbaith, in whose cultural heritage said dragons play an important role. They are considered divine beings, though more of the scary, destructive rather than the helpful kind. Zairah's resistance group took inspiration from the old dragon stories, naming themselves the Dragons.

Still, in the Serbaith believe, the souls of the dead go on to live in the land of the dragons, which is where the Dragons of Old supposedly disappeared to over time.According to their belief, there is only one of the dragons left, a gigantic, slumbering beast by the name of Daivis the Sleeper, who lives underneath the most volcanically active part of the Dragon's Ridge and must not be disturbed or, worst of all, awakened. Daivis is said to have caused the doom of the city of Acadea and hence, its whole Empire.

Basic Information


According to the bones that were found, the Dragons of Old must have been very large reptilian creatures. They possibly might have been winged, but that is unclear.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fossilized nests with eggs have also been found, suggesting that these dragons layed eggs.

Ecology and Habitats

Judging from the locations of the fossil finds, it is likely that the dragons preferred mountainous areas as well as a moderate to warm climate. It seems highly possible that the dragons lived in big cavernous spaces.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Apparently, the Dragons of Old were hunters. Legend has it that they killed their prey by fire, although that cannot be proven in any way.
Conservation Status
Supposedly, there is just one of these dragons left in the Dragon's Ridge.

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