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Mireanda hurried out into the courtyard as soon as she knew that they had won. She scanned the crowd of the returning soldiers for familiar faces. Soon, her father and brother appeared, and even though she didn't particularly like either of them, she was relieved to see them alive. A little later, she spotted Zairah and walked over to her. After a brief moment of not knowing what to do, she embraced her friend.

"Good to see you." Mireanda said, "Do you know anything about Jon and Lona? Ameada?"

"I don't know about Ameada, but I just brought Lona to the infirmary. Her arm might be broken, but she's fine otherwise. Jon should be here any minute now, he's with Milnor. But you shouldn't expect him to talk to much, he's pretty exhausted. Not surprising after what he did out there. I honestly think it's a miracle that he's still on his feet at all." Zairah replied. Mireanda was about to ask what she meant when she realized that everyone else had fallen silent.

Moments later, the reason for the sudden silence became apparent. Jon was hobbling along a path the crowd had made, supported by Milnor. As they passed, almost everybody present knelt, eleonians, lupeans, aguileans and baithans alike. Such a show of deep respect hadn't been seen in years, let alone outside of a formal setting where kneeling was traditionally required. Jon however seemed too exhausted to care.

Mireanda pushed through the crowd to get to him. Together with Milnor, she helped him walk up the stairs into the keep. When they reached their room, Milnor went back downstairs, while Mireanda helped Jon take off his armour and muddy clothes. Jon dropped down on the bed wearily.

"I'll be fine, I just need to sleep." he said when he noticed Mireanda's worried look. He layed down and fell asleep immediately.

Completion Date
February 1st, 1218

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