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Beodin Matheos

Beodin Matheos

Beodin Matheos is the younger brother of Calain Matheos, Captain of the eleonian King's Guard. He's a former General of the eleonian army turned supporter of Iohan Angeleos in the War of the Lions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Beodin was born as the third son of Lord Matheos in 1160 CE. He grew up in the city of Matheor in the Silver Mountains, where he lived until the age of sixteen, when he followed his brother Calain's lead and went to Angeleor to join the eleonian army. Not unlike his brother, he trained and rose through the hierarchy of the military rather quickly, yet he always came second to Calain, who eventually was promoted to General of the Army, essentially the second in command after the King, a post he held for twelve years.

Only after the death of the old King and the coronation of his son Eleothar who called upon Calain to be Captain of the King's Guard in 1200 CE, did Beodin finally make General of the Army. Unfortunately for him, he was soon replaced by the King's wife, Ameada and demoted to merely third in command. He didn't take this demotion too well, especially since he had been replaced by not only a woman but also one who had come from nothing and, in his opinion, shouldn't be part of the army, let alone Queen, at all.

This led him to sympathise more and more with Iohan, who just like him had always lived in the shadow of his older brother Eleothar and did not agree with the appointment of Ameada either, since he himself had also had his eyes on the post for a while. After Iohan murdered Eleothar and was exiled, Beodin and a group of other soldiers, who had been closer to Iohan than to the King already, were secretly informed of Iohan's whereabouts and intentions and asked to come to Soane and aid Iohan in his quest for vengeance, which they decided to do.

In Urtheon, Beodin became Iohan's second in command and served as his primary advisor and guard. In 1217 CE, Ionathar came to Soane to confront Iohan. After Iohan was stabbed by Mireanda, he was about to attack Ionathar but was killed by Zairah with an arrow into his head.
Date of Birth
June 15th, 1160 CE
Date of Death
September 11th, 1217 CE
1160 CE 1217 CE 57 years old
Place of Death
short, grey
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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