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"So, now that you killed Iohan, what are we going to do with his body? We can't very well give him a proper burial." Lona asked.

"I honestly haven't thought about it yet." Jon admitted.

"If he were serbaith, I'd know what to do." Zairah offered.

"And what's that?" Lona asked.

"Usually we burn the bodies of our dead on a pyre so their souls can go to the dragon realm, but in cases where they comitted unforgivable crimes, their buried instead and their soul gets trapped in the abyss forever. It's what the Dragons did with Antheos as well." Zairah explained.

"That sounds about right for Iohan, but here, all the dead are buried. We plant trees on the graves to allow them to become one with the elements." Jon said.

"Then just don't." Mireanda suggested.

"Don't what?" Lona asked.

"Just don't plant a tree." Mireanda clarified.

Completion Date
February 2nd, 1218

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