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The world was made of light, formed from the joy of the eternal ones, freedom was there highest goal in the creation. They placed the knowing of this in all creation. For time the creation was in harmony and in great joy. Growing in beauty in the arts, science,and technology. Out of the west the mist of unknowing started to envelop the world throwing into a world of corruption and selfishness looking only for its gain and to to enslave the people and creation for its own purpose. As the unknowing started to encompass and corrupt the peoples,creatures and creation the world was thrown into chaos and destruction. There were groups of people,and creatures who kept the knowing and fought back. In these groups great warriors and prophets began to seek the knowing and get foresight into the ages to come and how to fight back the unknowing. Even in those groups there were misconceptions and confusion about the ages to come and how it would unfold. Though they were on the side of the knowing, they fought among them selves. Some seeking help from the world of chaos to further there own agendas and how to bring the knowing back into the world. Some of the groups of knowing gathered together and sought the knowing and wrote down the visions. Out of all the visions there was always a core understanding of the importance of freedom and love. This is a time of chaos and destruction with battles and wars fought.

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