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Active Skills table of contents

Physical Active Skills [Linked Attribute]

s Athletics [Str]
Specializations: Acrobatics [Agi], Climb [Str], Ride [Ride], Sprint [Str], Swim [Str]
s Stealth [Agi]
Specializations: Disguise [Agi], Escape [Agi], Legerdemain [Agi], Sneak [Agi], Shadow [Int]

Social Active Skills [Linked Attribute]

s Con [Cha]
Specializations: Disguise [Cha], Fast-talk [Cha], Impersonate [Cha], Perform [various]
s Influence [Cha]
Specializations: Etiquette [Cha], Instruct [Cha], Intimidate [various], Leadership [Cha], Negotiate [Cha]

Technical Active Skills [Linked Attribute]

s Perception [Int]
Specializations: Aural [Int], Olfactory [Int], Tactile [Int], Visual [Int]
s Outdoors [Int]
Specializations: Navigate [Int], Survival [Int], Track [Int]
s Heal [Log]
Specializations: First Aid [Log], Herbalism [Log], Recovery [Log]
s Engineer [Log]
Specializations: Architecture [Log], Armorer [Log], Locksmith [Log], Mason [Log], Weaponsmith [Log], etc.

Combat Active Skills [Linked Attribute]

s Close Combat [Agi]
Specializations: Blades [Agi], Bludgeons [Agi], Pole-arms [Agi], Unarmed [Agi]
s Ranged [Agi]
Specializations: Bows [Agi], Crossbows [Agi], Slings [Agi], Thrown [Agi]
s Defense [Rea]
Specializations: Block [Str], Dodge [Rea], Maneuvers [Rea], Parry [Int]
s Exotic Weapons [Agi]
Specializations: Claws [Agi], Chakrams [Agi], Flails [Agi], Firearms [Agi], etc.

Magic Active Skills [Linked Attribute]

s Assense [Int]
Specializations: Astral Combat [Wil], Astral Diagnosis [Int], Astral Navigation [Int], Astral Signatures [Int]
s Sorcery [Mag]
Specializations: Counterspell [Mag], Metamagic [Mag], Ritual Cast [Mag], Spellcast [Mag]
s Enchant [Mag]
Specializations: Alchemy [Mag], Artifice [Mag], Disenchant [Mag], Identify [Mag]
s Conjure [Mag]
Specializations: Banish [Mag], Bind [Mag], Possess [Mag], Summon [Mag]

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