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Knowledge Skills

Knowledge Skills work similarly to Active Skills, but are usually a representation of what the character knows. Knowledge Skills can be learned at the basic (+0), minor (+2) and major (+5) level. The GM may reveal relevant information without the need for a roll. When rolling is necessary but the character is not pressured by time, Knowledge Skills don’t suffer from wound modifiers. All Knowledge Skills are Linked to either Logic (memory recall) or Intuition (nuance). The list which appears on the character sheet is not exhaustive — if the player wants to add unlisted but appropriate Knowledge Skills, just let the GM know.

Though rare, there are times when a Knowledge Skill Test will yield synergy dice to an Active Skill Test.

Knowledge Skill (cost)
dice (+ Logic or Intuition)
'basic' (2 XP):
0 (no -1 defaulting penalty)
'minor' (4 XP):
'major' (6 XP):

The above costs must be purchased for each tier of the Knowledge Skill. (For example, a character who has basic ‘threats’ and wishes to reach major would need to spend 10 XP — 4 XP to reach minor and 6 XP to reach major. That said, it’s very unusual for the GM to allow such a rapid jump in skill level unless significant down time and/or specific circumstances are involved.)

character seeks...
hit threshold
general knowledge:
detailed knowledge:
intricate knowledge:
obscure knowledge:
  • academic [Logic] examples: magic theory (how spells are developed), history (focused on politics, areas, ancient/recent, etc.), religion (what deities are in which pantheons and what are their strictures), mathematics and the sciences, philosophy, threats (the strengths and weaknesses of various dangerous creatures or locales) and so on…
  • professional [Logic] examples: architecture (knowing a structure’s weaknesses), business (what trade items flow to what trade hubs), military (recognizing ranks of varying military forces), sailing (how to set rigging, where to anchor, etc.), and so on…
  • interests [Intuition] examples: alcohol (quality and production of ales, liquors, etc.), gambling games (dice, cards, darts, etc.), music (songs or famous performers), art (painting, sculpture, etc.), storytelling, and so on…
  • societal [Intuition] examples: gangs (often specific to an area), influential figures (politicians or the wealthy in a specific area), famous people (broad area), underworld contacts (fences, assassins, forgers, etc. — specific area), languages (specific to one race or area), and so on…

  • in-exhaustive list of Knowledge Skills…

    academic KS

  • cultures
  • gemology / enchanting
  • law
  • magic theory
  • mathematics / science
  • philosophy
  • theology
  • threats
  • profession KS

  • alchemy
  • architecture
  • business/trade
  • engineering
  • gemcutting
  • herbalism
  • leatherworking
  • metal smithing
  • military
  • security companies
  • interests KS

  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • gambling games
  • sports
  • the arts: …
    • fashion
    • music
    • painting
    • sculpture

  • etc.
  • societal KS

  • famous people
  • gangs
  • politics
  • languages: …
    • draconic (written)
    • gaalken (spoken)
    • Glennetonian (spoken)
    • oedervets (written)
    • Prairietongue (spoken)
    • slithzerikai (spoken)
    • Vigoorian
    • vlieger (spoken)
    • V’lumen

  • etc.

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