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Basic Information


Unicorns resemble a large horse with a single horn protruding from the forehead. Horns can be straight and ribbed or curved and scythe-like. Generally speaking, straight horns are preferred for war mounts, though some riders do prefer the curved scythe type.  

  A unicorn’s tails is generally long with long hair just at the end to prevent tangling.

Biological Traits

Males are generally more bulky, and their mane wraps around their neck to defend against challengers

Genetics and Reproduction

Foals are born one at a time. Females generally stay with the herd while males are driven out after three years to either begin their own herd or live as a rogue male, opportunistically finding females.

Growth Rate & Stages

Unicorns reach sexual maturity at the age of three, at which point they join a herd or make their own.

Ecology and Habitats

The Enselara Islands are a harsh place to call home, but unicorns have adapted to fight off predators. Unlike horses who are a flight-driven animal, unicorns have adapted to be much more aggressive to fight off the determined Coysith who are their primary predator.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Despite their aggressive nature, unicorns, like horses, are still an herbivore. They mainly eat from the long, wet grasses that grow beside lakes and rivers of the The Enselara Islands.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Males have a harem, having anywhere from two to thirty females. The higher quality the male, the more females will be in his herd.


Travelers from Aperan first domesticated unicorns as war mounts, but the process was perfected by beast tamers from Vakedor. Initially, unicorns had little success breeding in captivity, but have since been successfully bred and tamed.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Naturally found in The Enselara Islands, but are domesticated throughout the world

Average Intelligence

Slightly more intelligent than a horse

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Unicorns rely most on their senses of smell and hearing

42 years
Conservation Status
Under threat in the wild from overcollection
Average Height
6.5 ft
Average Weight
1800 lbs
Average Physique
Stocky and tall, unicorns are built to take a hit and dish one back out
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Generally speaking, apart from mutations like albinism, unicorns are always black or dark grey to blend in with the dark surroundings of their environment in The Enselara Islands. Markings are quite rare.
Foggy Lagoon by Tony Hertz


The primary strategy of a unicorn rider in battle is simply to charge through lines of enemy forces. A unicorn’s weight and speed is usually sufficient to either stun or outright crush those unfortunate enough to be caught under their hooves. Other strategies include, unsurprisingly, kicking, and tossing of the head to make use of their horn. Unicorns are commonly trained to kick and toss their head on command.   Heavy armor and ranged weaponry are a challenge for unicorn riders, however. Their swift movement allows unicorns to break through front lines and retreat to regroup for a second attack.   Unicorns typically do quite well with armor, and can, with training, carry their own armor, an armored rider, and their weaponry with slight decreases to their speed.   Similar to horse shoes made for icy conditions, unicorns used for battle are often fitted with spiked horse shoes not only for offense, but to give better purchase for more secure footing. However, a direct kick from a unicorn with fresh shoes can be deadly, even through certain types of armor.   The ideal unicorn for a war mount is generally male, with a moderately aggressive (usually called “confident”) personality. Males are preferred because they naturally grow to be stronger and larger than their female counterparts. However, females also make quite successful mounts, and can be faster than males. Females are often preferred for riders with smaller frames.

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Cover image: Panoramic Nature Fog Mountain by kyungimkseo


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