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Traitor's Bay

Pardon the messiness! This article is WIP!


Many of those living in Traitor's Bay are only there temporarily. There are very few children in the city, if any at all. Most work on the island to save up, or to send back to their family members in their permanent place of residence. Shipwrights, merchants, farmers, Unicorn tamers make up the majority of the population.


Government is somewhat lax, as The Enselara Islands sits somewhere between an Aperan territory and its own sovereign nation. As the village is rather small, those who live there tend to not cause trouble, as the most realistic form of punishment is turning transgressors out into the forest with the other criminals.


The city is surrounded by very tall wooden walls. There is a gate northeast, toward the interior of the island, and one toward the docks. The fact that there are only two entrances to the city make it easily defensible, which is important for a city in such a dangerous land.


The major industry of The Enselara Islands as a whole is the export of Unicorns to serve as war mounts. This brings money into the city, and those who export Unicorns often make quite a bit of money.


Most homes in Traitor's Bay are multiple stories, due to space being at a premium within the walls. Produce is often grown in planters below the windows, including dormer windows built into the roof. There are some fields in the walls, but much of the food in the city is brought in on ships.


The landcape immediately around Traitor's Bay is one of the few flat areas along The Enselara Islands' coastline. The area has been cleared to both make space and provide wood for the settlement, most of which was used in constructing the walls.

Outpost / Base
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The Enselara Islands

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