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Temple of Perrie


Nestled on the coast near the borders of Nephemir and Aperan, the Temple to Kaika at Perrie never received attention from either nation. The temple, like the surrounding village, was small and dealt mostly in fish and farmed goods until 4E 1621, when a young girl was discovered in the village claiming to be the goddess Kaika.  


by AnzBananz

  Suddenly, the small temple became more than just an unassuming home for healers to serve the village's population. The girl was brought into the temple walls and raised by the priests there. The location of the human manifestation of Kaika was kept under intense secrecy. However, even with all the safeguards in place, The Fidean Empire discovered the location of the goddess via divination   In late 1639, Fidean forces arrived via the sea and conquered the immediate area around the temple. Resources around the temple included sea access, farmland, and pastureland containing Unicorn, which The Fidean Empire seized as well to hide their true intentions of taking the Temple of Perrie.  


Siege tournai by Adam Frans van der Meulen

  When the temple finally fell in 1640, those in the surrounding village and inhabitants of the temple who were not proficient at Lifeforce Healing were slaughtered. The identity of the goddess Kaika was tortured out of the temple's acolyte, and all communication in and out of the temple was halted. The surrounding buildings were converted into barracks and other necessary structures to support the Fidean troops.   Because Perrie is in a rather sparsely populated area so far from the capitals of both Aperan and Nephemir, the governments of both nations assumed the Fidean colony to not be a current threat or priority, due to the upheaval in both Aperan and Nephemir over the disappearance of the goddess Kaika. Thus, no aid was sent to Perrie, and Fidean operations have continued to the current day.   Wealthy Fidean citizens have made a practice of traveling to Perrie for healing at the temple. Despite the temple's small size, the healers who still reside there are world-class, and are a major draw for Fidean citizens who have chronic or life-threatening illnesses.   Despite the temple's inhabitants mostly being allowed to live, they reside under draconian rule, completely cut off from the outside world. Several mass traditional suicides have occurred among the surviving healers, though the goddess Kaika has been tightly guarded to prevent her death. While this has been an expensive venture for The Fidean Empire, it has been wildly successful. Treoism is in chaos, not hearing from their goddess for nearly three decades.  
"Kaika has abandoned Nephemir to ruin - she has abandoned me to ruin."
- Queen Irihaal of Nephemir

The Mortal Life of Kaika

When Kaika decided to place her soul in a mortal host, she told only her most favored Acolytes. She feared that if her worshipers knew she was a goddess, she could never truly live as a mortal. However, like many of the inhabitants in the area surrounding Perrie, Kaika was born into a very poor family. The winter of 1621 was even harsher than usual, and the family had reportedly gone without food for weeks. Fearing her mortal demise so early in her journey, Kaika decided to reveal her true identity and was immediately brought to the temple through the snow and ice.  
Character | May 11, 2019

Goddess of life and death

  Her family was provided for, but the child was taken into the care of the temple priests, where she received medical care and training. Though this was against the goddess' wishes, she agreed, provided the temple not disclose her location. She worked as a healer, but lived in the temple's inner sanctum. A few years later, Kaika saved the life of another young child who later became her Acolyte, Aurae of Kaika.


Most homes in the area are a mixture of stone, wood, and stucco. Wood tends to rot quickly due to the humidity and rainfall, so whenever possible, stone from the rocky coastline is used. Roofs are fairly steep due to the high amount rainfall. Flower boxes are common fixtures on homes and businesses in the village of Perrie to combat the muted colors of the buildings, the haze and clouds, and to honor the goddess that lives in the temple. Nearly every building comes complete with one or more fireplaces and chimneys to combat the cold that the rains bring.   The walls of the temple and the temple itself are constructed entirely of stone. The interior of the temple had several intricate stained glass windows, but they were all destroyed by the Fidean forces that conquered the temple. The spaces formerly occupied by these windows have been boarded up with wood, though water now routinely leaks into the temple. The interior of the temple is now a rather unpleasant, cold, damp place to be. It is only thanks to the healers who call the temple home that worshipers do not fall ill after worshiping there.

Perrie House
Old French House by Tom O'Neill


Before its occupation, Perrie consisted mainly of the temple residents - healers and priests - fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen. The area was never particularly wealthy. Most wealth in the area was directly tied to the temple, as they brought in some money for healing services, though supplies and services were also taken in exchange for healing. After the occupation, the village has been replaced with soldiers. The farmland surrounding the temple is currently maintained by Fidean forces to sustain the military.


Perrie is most known for its rolling hills, coastline, and lakes. The area can be somewhat boggy from the constant rain and humidity from the air that blows in from the sea. The coast in the immediate area of Perrie is rather rocky, though there are some sandy beaches further from the village.  
Misty Pasture by Nicolas Raymond
"Most days the weather is as bleak as those bastards that live in that damned temple."
-Fidean soldier
  Rain and clouds are an ever-present force in this region. Most years, the rain actually hampers crop production. Winters are not particularly intense usually, though the weather does usually drop below freezing. The cold is wet and can quickly cause residents to fall ill with respiratory infections.
Treoism Banner
by AnzBananz
Military, Camp
1,600 (including surrounding farmland)
Owning Organization
The Fidean Empire
Characters in Location
Related Professions

A Tense Existence

Fidean forces have held the temple under strict rule for more than five years, and tensions have been building since the first attacks on Perrie. Understandably, the conditions imposed on residents cause a great deal of strain. Additionally, most surviving residents have not recovered from the initial attack and slaughter of their compatriots. In the months following the initial occupation, many healers chose to commit traditional suicide to prevent themselves from being forced to aid ailing and injured Fidean soldiers. It was not uncommon to find several healers having ended their lives in a group. This has only added to the tense atmosphere and trauma experienced by surviving residents.  
Romelus and the Rat
Myth | Apr 21, 2019

A healer who sacrificed himself to stop a warlord

  Many healers believed the betrayal of Kaika by her acolyte to be a great dishonor and have used her as a scapegoat, while others believe the temple residents should stop fighting among themselves and present a unified front in the face of the Fidean occupation.   Kaika has been not only cut off from the outside world, but also the temple around her. She has mostly been kept in the inner sanctum with only Aurae, her Acolyte being allowed to enter the sanctum.  
Large Cairn on Monadhliath by Andrew Spenceley

Gods at War

While the exact motivations for Kaika's decision to live among mortals is not known, many speculate that Are's betrayal earlier in the Fourth Era had a significant role to play. Scholars believe this caused Kaika to consider some of her previous actions and take into consideration the plight of mortals due to the infighting among the gods.     Are and, by extension, Isyn and Alerah, the goddesses of truth and illusion, have capitalized on this decision and have caused Treoism to spiral into disarray. This has also caused political strife in nations that are officially Treist.   Sote and Are have been filling the vacuum in most Treist communities since Kaika has ceased answering prayers. However, Kaika still has a loyal following for the time being despite her absence.  

Home of the Cure

Before Fidean occupation, Kaika was confronted with Withering Death. The countryside surrounding Perrie had been plagued with the disease for decades. The situation had grown so dire that, fearing Kaika would contract the plague, the temple priests had ceased all treatment of Withering Death within the temple walls.   However, one girl brought to the temple by her uncle caught Kaika's attention, and she demanded the child be brought in for aid. This child was Aurae of Kaika, and later became the Acolyte, and the first person to recover from Withering Death. Unfortunately, the cure was not perfected before Fidean occupation and it was never distributed outside the temple.  
Withering Death
Condition | Oct 3, 2019

A fearsome disease causing victims to lose all mental capacity long before their eventual demise

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