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Singing Gorge and Rebel's Arch

Surrounding Area

The gorge and the massive rock archway were both carved by the Painted River as it flows down from the mountains to the west. The area surrounding Rebel's Arch is largely uninhabited, and cities along the Painted River are much further east where the landscape is less dry.   The gorge, which stands 550 feet tall, effectively cuts the Clymare Desert in half. While there are some man-made bridges to the east, where more settlements are located, Rebel's Arch is the only crossing point within 50 miles, and also the only natural crossing point along the entirety of the Painted River.  

Origins of the Names

Singing Gorge

Singing Gorge is so named because of the millions of cliff sparrows that nest within the gorge itself. During nesting season, the noise echoing off the gorge is almost deafening. Sparrows spend much of the day entering and leaving the gorge, bringing food for their chicks.  

Rebel's Arch

Just north of Rebel's Arch is the acting settlement for the Centaur Rebellion Army. The rebellion uses the arch as a bridge to travel from their camp to more populated areas of Braern. It is said that warriors test their bravery by leaping a gap just west of the arch.  

Painted River

As the Painted River travels east from the mountains, the fast-flowing water picks up red and orange sediment from the surrounding rock. This gives the water not only a distinct color, but also makes it rather unpalatable. However, as the Painted River is the only source of water in the area, it is still used.

Natural Wonder
Owning Organization

Home of the Rebellion

The Centaur Rebellion Army has made its first permanent settlement here by Singing Gorge.  
Centaur Rebellion Army
Military Formation | Jun 1, 2019

An army of escaped centaur slaves fighting under the name of Rudanes

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Cover image: Bisti Badlands New Mexico by BerdacheBear


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