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Seer's Touch


This condition is more accurately known as piebaldism (or vitiligo), though many in the areas where it is most common know those with this condition as simply "Seers". Though technically two different conditions with similar manifestations, they are usually lumped together under this term. Both conditions affect pigmentation, causing white patches on the skin, white streaks in the hair, and sometimes affecting the color of the eyes.   The more common of the two, piebaldism, is a genetic disorder. Patches are often asymmetric, are present at birth, and do not change throughout the life of the individual. A hallmark location for a piebald patch is on the forehead. This condition is essentially harmless, though can cause increased likelihood of sunburn.   The less common condition, vitiligo, can be genetic or acquired through trauma to the skin. Patches often do not appear until the age of 20 or 30, are symmetric, and often change size or shape throughout the life of the individual. Vitiligo can cause vision and hearing problems along with increased likelihood of sunburn.


There is no treatment available for either of these conditions, however, many individuals with these conditions live complication-free and do not suffer significant physical trouble because of their condition.

Cultural Reception

In Warhist and Anacist, those with this condition (called Seers) are revered and usually serve in a temple setting in some capacity. This is because often times, the white forelock (a white patch on the forehead) common among those with piebaldism is reminiscent of the third eye of Isyn.   In other areas, there may be social stigma against those with this condition, fearing it may be contagious, but it is a rare occurrence outside of the communities where it is best known.   Regardless of whether or not those with this condition are revered or stigmatized, it can cause emotional distress in individuals, though others are proud of their condition.

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

Affected Groups

While these conditions can affect nearly any species and any group, it is most widely seen near the capital of Alia. Individuals there are often given good opportunities and see great success because of their condition, usually in a Warhist temple. In this area, those with these conditions are often seen as wise, honest, and in touch with the will of the gods.   Either of these conditions can also affect animals, though wild animals tend to have more complications from these conditions because they tend to stand out from their peers. However, it is also bred into various domestic species such as horses and dogs. It is especially common in deer.

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Cover image: Herd of Piebald Deer by USFWS


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