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Sea of Yajemir


When Lathai was created, Yajemir was a lush and fertile forest. The sea lapped at the Iaria Trade Route, and trade by the sea fueled Yajemir entirely. Sote, who loved the sea, decided to bless it and placed his own son, Ahasi into the sea to protect it.   Angry at his rival's success, Are sealed off the sea by creating great cliffs on what is now the western coast of Yajemir. The intense sunlight began to dry the sea, Ahasi's home.   Worried for his son, Sote splashed water above the cliffs every day to ensure the sea did not dry up. For years, Sote fought the sun as Are watched in anger.   So Are took flight and gathered all the dragons of the Kastal Mountains under him. He gave them the power of fire and all at once, they flew over the sea and rained it down. The trees and animals around the sea burned up from the heat, and the sea began to evaporate.   Try as he might, Sote could not keep up with the fire of the dragons. In sixty days, Ahasi's head could no longer stay under the water as it was so shallow and he perished from the heat. The rest of the water vanished, leaving behind only salt. The desert sands half buried him, and his corpse became the Serpentspire Mountains. To this day, the people of Yajemir travel to the Serpentspire Mountains in search of scales - small opals - that are found in the sands there.

Historical Basis

This story is likely entirely false. The Serpentspire Mountains are, as you would imagine, just mountains. However, despite not being entirely factually accurate, the story does convey very real ideas of very real events.   In the Fourth Era, the alliance between Are and Sote broke down rather violently. Yajemir, being one of the strongest supporters of Sote, became something of a symbol of the god. Likewise, Shaehir and later The Fidean Empire became a symbol of Are.   Yajemir had been winning the conflict against Shaehir, but as time went on, The Fidean Empire began stealing territory from Yajemir, cutting off its access to the ocean in the east.

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Despite Ahasi being a fictional character, many in Lathai and Yajemir especially debate who Ahasi was and what he was like. The main questions are who his mother was, if she was human, or if it was Kaika (who was also betrayed by Are in the breakdown of that same alliance). Some also argue about whether or not Ahasi was like Sote, essentially a god in his own right, or if he was simply a mortal. Some go so far as to suggest he was more like an animal, without reason. Many speculate this last line of reasoning is used to justify essentially raiding the corpse and taking parts of the body as a religious keepsake. Children of gods have not been described elsewhere, so there are no other examples with which to compare him.

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