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Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Used a bow and arrow, and made time to teach those she freed this skill as well for not only battle, but for hunting to feed the rebellion

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rudanes was born in southern Lensa where she worked hauling supplies for construction for a new city. The story goes that in 4E 1614, she constructed her bow from her own harness and a discarded whip. She was able to make one arrow and shot the man who called himself her master directly between the eyes. With him dead, she and the rest of the Centaurs there escaped to Dorhana.   She and her partners continued to attack settlements and trade caravans passing through Nephemir, freeing Centaurs wherever they went. In 1622, she decided to attack a rather large city and sustained an arrow wound to the side. The rebellion retreated. Rudanes' wound quickly grew infected and she passed away just weeks later. Her tearful last words were shared with her second in command and those closest to her between bouts of unconsciousness.  

"I cannot meet the gods yet; I haven't freed them all. I refuse to meet them with my task half completed."
-Rudanes' last words
  She passed in and out of consciousness for the next while before quietly passing away. It is said that every Centaur present was able to say their thanks to Rudanes before she was buried. The rebellion hid her grave so it would not be disturbed as they moved on. It is said that a stone was laid atop the grave reading: "Rudanes, who met the gods a free centaur"   Rudanes is still held with the highest regard among those with the rebellion and those still in captivity. Though her death was celebrated by many Humans, Centaurs celebrate her life and her sacrifice.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Over her time as leader of the rebellion freed thousands of Centaurs and the rebellion grew in strength and number. Her story has inspired many Centaurs still in captivity to continue fighting. Though she ultimately did not meet her goal to free her people, she herself died a free Centaur and began a rebellion still following her mission more than twenty years after her death.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though she rarely if ever spoke about this fear, her last words indicate she felt she didn't do enough despite dedicating her life to her cause. Those who knew her say she ignored her own accomplishments and worked herself tirelessly toward her goals.

Intellectual Characteristics

Resourceful and unrelenting. Rudanes was known for only speaking when absolutely necessary, instead observing everything going on around her. She worked herself tirelessly, at times foregoing sleep to attend every planned raid and attack.

Morality & Philosophy

Rudanes did not believe in sending others into danger without being present herself. It is largely believed that the injury that later led to her death was incurred because she insisted on scouting, planning, and leading the attack. This left her mentally and physically exhausted as the battle wore on.


Contacts & Relations

Founder of the Centaur Rebellion Army

1583 1622 39 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born into slavery in Lensa in Nephemir
Circumstances of Death
Succumbed to infection from an arrow wound at the age of 39
Lensa in Nephemir
Biological Sex
Jet white wavy hair, worn long
Skin Tone
Amber-colored skin
Centaur Rebellion Army
Military Formation | Jun 1, 2019

An army of escaped centaur slaves fighting under the name of Rudanes

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Cover image: Two Brown Horses on Field Near Mountain by Pete Johnson


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14 Jul, 2019 17:59

That was so beautiful! A really inspiring tale of a really inspiring woman!   I would like it (and this is a personal preference) if in the "Accomplishments and achievements" sections it did not say "Though she ultimately did not meet her goal to free her people", and rather "Though she ultimately did not meet her goal to free all of her people". Just because she worked herself too high and aimed too high, she still did accomplish a lot, and I think the text should reflect it... *sniff*

15 Jul, 2019 04:39

Hi, MGatta! Thank you so much for the read and comment! I'm glad to hear that you liked her! You're right - she did accomplish a lot and she definitely did aim too high. I actually went back and forth on that sentence for quite a while. Ultimately, I decided to write it the way it is because this is a less than objective article. I decided to base this article on what she might have believed in life as well as the opinions of those still living who knew her well. She was haunted by this goal and responsibility, and it is believed that this attitude ultimately led to her death.
Again, thank you so much for your feedback!