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Nephmiri Punt

Outmaneuvering Taxes

Nephmiri punts were invented by Humans in Nephemir to both travel in comfort and avoid taxes. Because of the legal definition of a "dwelling" in Nephemir, caravans and wagons are free from taxes. Those who choose to live in Nephmiri Punts only need to pay taxes on the horses that draw it from town to town. However, should the wheels be removed or the cart otherwise become unable to move, it would be considered a house and be taxed as such.   Humans are more likely to reside in a Nephmiri Punt than Elves because Elves tend to have more of a connection to the land. However, it is not unheard of for an Elf to reside in a Nephmiri Punt without moving it.


Life in a Punt

The typical Punt can accommodate three to four people and their belongings. They are pulled by a team of two to six horses. During travel, objects within the Punt are tied down or otherwise secured, and those riding will be on the driver's bench on the front. Once parked, the ladder is lowered and the area around the parked Punt is prepared. A Punt will usually come with a waterproof cloth that can be extended from one or both sides to shade the outdoor living space or keep it dry. If the weather is pleasant, beds will often be made outside under this shade.

Ox's Eye Caravan
Owning Organization
1500 lbs

Origins of the Name

A Punt is a square boat used on rivers and canals in other areas of the world. A Nephmiri Punt is so named because of a misinformed observer. As one of the first Nephmiri Punt went by a small village, those who saw it gliding above the tall grass believed it to be like the boat. The description stuck and to this day they are called Punts.

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Cover image: Brown Eyed Susans in the Tallgrass Prairie by NPS Photo


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