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Lifeforce Healing


The pinnacle of medicine in Lathai, Lifeforce Healing is coveted the world over for its instantaneous relief of common ailments. While it is most often used for physical trauma, such as broken bones and lacerations, it can also be used to cure diseases and help a patient remain awake for unnatural amounts of time. Many healers describe using Lifeforce Healing as pouring water from one vessel to another. The resulting transfer of energy is absorbed into the patient's body, allowing them to fight infection and regenerate damaged tissue among dozens of other applications. It isn't uncommon for wealthy merchants and rulers to maintain a member of staff for the sole purpose of healing them in the event of a life-threatening injury or illness.   In layman's terms, energy is "poured" from the healer to their patient. The energy is then used by the patient to repair injury, etc. However, once the energy leaves the healer's body, it cannot be directed, and in most cases, the body will treat all wounds equally, as opposed to triaging the most life-threatening injuries. For example, it may be more beneficial to amputate a limb before using Lifeforce Healing to allow the body to focus on injuries near vital organs.

Side/Secondary Effects

Because life force is being taken directly from the healer, using this kind of magic has inherent danger. While the amount of life force transferred can be controlled, to an extent, it can be difficult to gauge how much one needs to remain conscious or even alive. It isn't uncommon for a healer to accidentally transfer too much energy to their patient, resulting in their own demise. This is also done purposefully, as transferring a healer's entire life force to their patient will make a patient on the brink of death stable. Most of the time, however, only a portion of the healer's life force is transferred, and the healer will recover without complication after resting. Injuries healed with Lifeforce Healing will leave a scar, as the healing process isn't changed, but merely sped up.


The hands of the healer will glow, and sometimes even the major arteries of the patient will have a faint, gold glow under the skin. Sometimes, a faint floral or sweet smell may be detected. Some patients who have recovered due to the efforts of a healer using Lifeforce Healing report an almost sizzling sensation around their heart and in their throat or the base of the skull. This is most common in patients who had large amounts of life force transferred to them for major injuries. Some patients awake with the taste of iron in their mouths, though this is much less common.


Lifeforce Healing was first discovered by necromantic cults in Vakedor early in the Third Era. This is believed to be the first instance of "light necromancy", and later evolved into the religion associated with Kaika today.

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Gestures & Ritual
Though it isn't necessary, tradition dictates that the healer take some blood from their patient and make a small line on each temple, and on each palm to guide the energy down from their mind, to their heart, to their hands. This is the only part of the ritual that is driven more by the beliefs of original healers, but the rest of the ritual is necessary. A short incantation is recited quietly using the Old Tongue. The healer's hands will begin to glow, and are then pressed into the stomach of the patient, where the transfer of life force will begin.
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Effect Casting Time
<5 minutes
Extreme difficulty - must have extensive training to be able to control the transfer of energy, taught by someone who is also a Lifeforce Healer and knowledge of the Old Tongue

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