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Lathai's Creation Myth


Before the great wars, all that existed was Prenerin. Prenerin lived in a colorless void with no stars and no life. One day, Prenerin decided to fill the void and created the other gods.   However, they also waited to fill the void. So Prenerin looked down and created the world. Sote asked Prenerin to cover it with water, and Are asked Prenerin to raise mountains and fields from the depths. Kaika. Oarsis asked Prenerin for two suns and two moons.   Kaika asked for life, but wherever Prenerin put life, it was scorched by the suns, or froze in the reaches. Drovka asked for protection before seizing one of the suns and burying it under the ice in The Northern Reach.   Once again, Kaika asked Prenerin to fill the world with life. Isyn asked to bestow reason upon a select of the creatures Kaika brought into being, while her sister Alerah gave them beauty and expression. And Prenerin set each god to their domain.   However, Prenerin saw in the other gods that they had a hunger, so did not bestow upon them the power to create and set forth rules for how to treat the newly created mortals: do not outright lie to the humans, but only reveal what's necessary, and never harm a human with your own hand.   Soon, however, the gods soon began to crave the prayers and adoration of the mortals. Fighting broke out amongst them and soon they demanded of Prenerin to be given their own loyal disciples. Instead of creating them, he promised to divide the mortals evenly among them and set two new rules in place: leave other gods' temples be, and allow followers within surrounded temples to leave in peace; only once a temple is empty can it serve a new god.   The other gods agreed, and Prenerin asked for Sote's aid in spreading the mortals across the land.

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Some variations include the detail that Isyn and Alerah were brought into being after mortals were created by Prenerin and Kaika. Warhists and Anacists staunchly disapprove of this version, of course.   Mautists also prefer a version where Sote did not ask for the ocean, but instead Are did, and Sote merely filled the world with gold and other riches.

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Cover image: South Frieze by Michael Garlick

Cover image: Sunset Mountain Landscape by cripi


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