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Sovereign Goddess Kaika (a.k.a. Mother of Life and Death)

Divine Domains

Life and death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Oleander flowers, antlers, horizontal lines

Physical Description

Body Features

Though Kaika has been known to manifest in many different forms, her most commonly used manifestation resembles a fox in coloration with a pair of broad wings, a tail made of feathers, antlers, hooves that come to sharp points, and sharp teeth.

Special abilities

Healing magic, necromancy, reanimation

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kaika has always been among the most commonly worshiped gods in Lathai. This is understandable as her domains of life, healing, and death are quite basal needs. Throughout the First and Second Era, Kaika's religion looked much different than it does today. Necromancy ran rampant, and it was common for people to attempt to escape death.   In the Second Era, Are suggested a powerful alliance. Himself, Kaika, and Sote to create an empire. Kaika had much to gain from this idea, as she planned to spread her influence throughout the entirety of the territory occupied by the other gods. However, after Prenerin's death, Are double crossed her, wiping out her entire following in what is now The Fidean Empire.   This period of time was also plagued by infighting among Kaika's other worshipers. As she had so many manifestations and went by so many names, groups that knew her by one name attacked groups that knew her by another name, believing they were heretics. Kaika, in a bid of self-preservation, allowed weaker groups to be enslaved instead of allowing the infighting to continue.   As time went on, however, Kaika began to doubt her choices. She saw the expansion of Are's territory and the atrocities being committed under him, and wondered if she had treated her own people as badly. She decided in the year 1610 of the Fourth Era to incarnate herself as a living, breathing human in a small town in Aperan. However, as she could not hide her true identity from herself, she was soon discovered to be a goddess and was secluded from humanity in the nearest temple.   In 1642, the temple was sacked by The Fidean Empire in an effort to cut communication from the goddess and her people. It was in these three years that Kaika realized the ramifications of her actions in aiding Are in his rise to power.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kaika has quite comfortably remained one of the most powerful gods in Lathai since Humans first came into being. She has undoubtedly had the most influence upon Lathai up until the Third Era, as the living creatures she conceived have both aided and shaped humanity, allowed them to travel by air and by land.

Failures & Embarrassments

As the years have passed, Kaika has realized that she had essentially abandoned many of her followers, allowing them to be subjected to captivity to preserve herself. She realizes she played a significant role in creating Lathai's most dangerous threat.

Personality Characteristics


Kaika wants to atone for her past actions against Prenerin and her people, and she believes the only way to do that is to oppose Are now.

Divine Classification
Current Location
Temple of Perrie
Year of Birth
1617 (28 years old)
Greenish blue
Orange-red, tan
8 ft.
500 lbs
Aligned Organization

Withering Death

The area around the temple Kaika inhabited as a human was rife with Withering Death. To preserve her safety, the temple ceased treating victims and instead sealed its doors. Kaika fundamentally disagreed with this decision, but as there was no cure at the time, it was unlikely that any victim would survive, even in the care of the temple healers.  

Withering Death cover

The Three Living and the Three Dead by De Lisle Psalter

  This decision didn't stop the people from attempting to save themselves and their loved ones. Each day, citizens of the nearby villages would come to the doors of the temple and plead to be let in, and each day they would be turned away. This upset Kaika so that she was soon barred from being in the courtyard of the temple. One day, however, she slipped away to hear the cries of an uncle pleading for the life of his niece. The disease had claimed the rest of her family, and he feared that she would infect his family as well. When he had exhausted his voice, he left the girl's near lifeless body before the doors and left in tears.   Kaika had heard enough suffering, and commanded the girl be brought to her. She and the other healers worked for months perfecting a cure, and the young girl was the first to ever recover from Withering Death. As the cure was fine-tuned, the girl, Aurae was trained as an Acolyte. However, before the perfected cure could be sent to other healers, the temple was sacked by Fidean armies.

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Cover image: Light Pink Oleander Flower (Modified) by Neo Scholar
Character Portrait image: by Yasa Hime


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