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Basic Information


These creatures are more often discussed than they are seen. They are often depicted as having almost a green mane and long, short-haired tails with a long tuft at the end (which is often depicted in art as a braid), long legs, long ears, and red eyes. More accurately, they are semi-translucent creatures, not green, but blend in flawlessly with the surrounding environment. In the snow, they are white; in a forest, they are green, etc. It is said that you will only see a coysith once it has already lunged at your throat.

Ecology and Habitats

Found almost exclusively in The Enselara Islands. There are only a handful that have left those islands.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Coysith are a binge-and-starve carnivore, eating one large kill and waiting to eat again for days or even weeks.

Additional Information


Only one coysith has been even remotely domesticated, being used exclusively for tracking criminals. This relies on the coysith's natural urge to hunt, and must be done carefully to avoid injury.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They rely almost entirely on scent, and can follow a quarry almost anywhere.

Conservation Status
Rare, even within their native range
Average Physique
Known as the harbingers of death, these canines are often associated with death, though they are seen nearly exclusively on The Enselara Islands . They appear in many folk tales as a villainous fore-teller of death. Legend has it that a coysith will only bark or howl when tracking a quarry, and that bark can only be heard by the poor soul they are tracking. They are fabled to be servants of Isyn, to collect souls to be sent to the afterlife or the spirit world. Legend has it that they are semi-transparent, blending in with the surroundings until it’s too late. Their killing blow is a bite to the throat.

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