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Centaur Rebellion Army



In total, the rebellion consists of around 100,000 Centaurs. Of these, around 20,000 are unfit to fight, including children and the elderly. Around 80,000 are fighting fit, though less than 10,000 had formal training outside the rebel forces.   It is not an uncommon occurrence for the forces to split into smaller factions to move more easily and quickly. This tactic poses quite the challenge to Braern’s military, as the rebellion is difficult to track, intercept, and predict.


The rebels generally attack as a single unit under the command of Heleas the Unbranded. In the event that the rebellion does split up, Heleas divides the rebellion into thirteen units, one of which he controls himself. Heleas chooses leaders for these units based on merit and command ability.


The rebellion relies on its superior speed and maneuverability to outpace Braern's military and take unsuspecting merchants off guard. They travel great distances between raids. In many cases, merchants believe the rebellion to be acting one location Braern and have been taken off guard in a rebel ambush in a different location.   Military tactics are varied, as different individuals are proficient in different weapon types and strategies. However, generally speaking, the strategy is to use speed and maneuverability to attack swiftly from a distance and keep distance between them and the target. Many Centaurs in the rebellion are archers.


Because Nephemir enjoys watching Centaur combat, around 10% of escaped slaves have had some form of combat training. Other new able-bodied recruits are often taught archery or other forms of combat by others in the rebellion.


Logistical Support

The rebellion supplies itself by raiding merchant caravans and settlements throughout Nephemir. Their assault on trade caravans traveling through Braern to the western coast of Nephemir has been so significant lately that merchants are now avoiding traveling along that tract of the Iaria Trade Route altogether.   This is not only for supplies, but also because many trade caravans rely on Centaur labor to carry goods. The largest raid resulted in more than 500 freed Centaurs from a single caravan.


In 1614, a Centaur by the name of Rudanes killed her master and escaped with 50 other enslaved Centaurs. These Centaurs were the founding members of the rebellion, though they quickly returned to free as many Centaurs as they could.   For the next eight years, the rebellion acted under the command of Rudanes. Rudanes, like many of the Centaurs she escaped with, had training in combat, which they applied to their assault of merchant caravans and settlements.   In 1622, however, Rudanes was shot with an arrow during a raid on a rather sizable compound. Though she survived the initial injury, infection took her life within a few short weeks. The rebellion continued in her name for the next 23 years to the present day.

Overall training Level

Heleas the Unbranded

Heleas the Unbranded
Character | Jul 30, 2019

The leader of the Centaur Rebellion Army

  Heleas the Unbranded is the recognized leader of the rebellion. He is one of the few Centaurs to have never known captivity, as he was born to two of the initial escapees. He has lived his entire life with the rebellion, having entered its ranks officially at just twelve years of age.   He is responsible for the most growth by number, as he has been more daring than previous leaders. He has successfully led attacks on established settlements for the first time in the rebellion's history mere months after assuming leadership of the army.   However, this also drew attention to the rebellion, and Braern has been increasingly concerned about the rebellion and amassing forces to bring it to an end. Some members of the rebellion believe it is time to flee to Sirus to the south, but Heleas is determined to remain in Nephemir along with his army.   He is outspoken in his goal to someday rid Nephemir of Humans and Elves alike.

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