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Arophi Adyra

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and solid, Arophi has inadvertently made use of her years of labor to be in peak physical condition. She is adept at fighting and travel.

Body Features

Darker skin tone, black hair and fur, solid build  

Arophi & Ellery Commission

Commission - Arophi Ellery by Floofin

Facial Features

Round and kind facial features

Identifying Characteristics

Has the emblem of the Adyra Trading Company on her left shoulder

Physical quirks

Though she is right handed, she tends to favor her left hand and left side in combat because of her mentor, Kaherion.

Specialized Equipment

She prefers a longbow, especially at range; she generally wears chain mail armor with padded armor underneath that allows her to move freely and isn't too heavy, because she makes use of her fitness and size when targets come too close.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The marriage of Arophi's parents, Dezaios and Elesias, was arranged by Vesryn Adyra's father. He believed Dezaois' personality would serve to rein in that of Elesias, though this idea largely failed. However, despite her parents' attempts to have a unified, stable relationship for their children, tension and disagreement was inevitable, and it was much longer than their master had anticipated before they had their first child, and several more years passed before Dezaios gave birth to Arophi.   Tensions continued as Tybion and Arophi grew. Tybion began training for gladiatorial battles where he was adored by spectators. He believed his worth was best exemplified in the fighting arena. Because of this, he often sided with his mother during disagreements. Arophi, on the other hand, sided with her father. They were both fiery and had intense personalities. Despite a deep and genuine bond with each other, they tend to get on each others' nerves, especially when forced to be together for long periods of time. Their relationship is at its most efficient when they band together to sneak something past Vesryn Adyra and his guards - extra food, etc.  

“It must be hard to be a lapdog, Tybion, considering humans are so small.”
-Arophi, Chapter One
  Many call Arophi a princess, but many Centaurs on the Adyra estate remind her almost constantly that she is not, in fact, a princess. On a certain, very deep level, Arophi indulges herself in that idea, but has never openly admitted that. Her main inspiration is from the stories her father tells her of Rudanes after the guards have stopped listening in.


Has been trained in certain aspects of Centaur culture, such as ceremonial dances, songs, and prayers. Limited combat training in the context of gladiatorial arena brawls.


Arophi has worked since the day she turned five in farm fields and in the arena for ceremonial aspects of the event

Accomplishments & Achievements

Arophi was one of the few centaurs to have ever escaped Nephemir and outsmarted the Adyra Trading Company. She believes that freeing Ellery alongside her was an additional achievement, as he was so unwilling to go.

Failures & Embarrassments

She is embarrassed by her relationship with both her brother and her parents. Her status in life is something she also finds dishonorable.

Mental Trauma

At the age of five, Arophi was brought to a local blacksmith's shop and branded with the emblem of the Adyra Trading Company.   At the age of twenty, her brother entered an arena fight where he inadvertently broke his back and had to be killed. Arophi was watching from the side, having just completed the opening ceremony, but she couldn't reach her brother between the accident and the guard ending his life in front of the crowd. Because of the way he lived his life, largely content under the ownership of their master, Arophi believed he didn't live a good life, and therefore won't be allowed into the afterlife, as per Centaur tradition.

Intellectual Characteristics

Spiritual, natural leader

Morality & Philosophy

Arophi first and foremost wants to assist her people, and her family. She wants to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a good life, should they so choose.  

"The day you stop fighting is the day you die. I do not intend for that to be today"


She detests when anyone likens her to a horse, as many Centaurs do

Personality Characteristics


Arophi wants, above all else, to give the ones she loves the opportunity to live their good life. She believes the war is the first enemy in this endeavor.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Arophi's first instinct is to barrel through a problem; her strengths are sneak attacks and fast, deadly strategy. However, she tends not to observe a problem beforehand to determine better courses of action. When she sees something that needs to be stopped, she will waste no time in attempting to brute force a solution.

Likes & Dislikes

She hates being cold and the rain. She enjoys being in dense forests, because she feels safe there and she likes the way the birds sing above her head.

Virtues & Personality perks

Arophi is quick to act on anything she deems immoral. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and generally doesn't fight to get herself to do whatever she perceives as the right thing to do. She has pride in what she does and herself, and holds herself accountable for her wrongdoings generally.

Vices & Personality flaws

Her sense of right and wrong tends to be skewed by her own interpretation and biases, but she will hold it as an absolute. Her pride is her fuel, but it also means she can be too proud to admit when she is wrong, and will try to brute force a solution to avoid changing her plans.

Personality Quirks

Though this isn't a "quirk" by Centaur standards, Arophi will often avoid turning to face people. She will often forget that humans like eye contact with people they're talking to, and believe it will suffice to simply turn her ears to avoid turning around. Additionally, she'll throw things to avoid having to move through tighter spaces, or make awkward turns.


Has an average level of cleanliness


Religious Views

A follower of O'erall, and adamant about calling her by that name. She is quite religious,

Social Aptitude

She is confident and outspoken, and doesn't know much about human taboos and etiquette.


When frustrated, she'll often lift one of her back legs and step down forcefully and refuse to make eye contact. She speaks with her hands when she gets excited.


Arophi is direct and outspoken in her speech. She will not hold back if something is on her mind, and doesn't mince her words when she does. She finds it better to say her piece in as few words as possible. She speaks in fluent Common, but with a slight accent. Her speech, in general, is rather plain.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Princess of Centaurs, Rudanes' Torchbearer
Year of Birth
1625 (20 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Arophi is the second child of Elesias and Dezaios Adyra in mid-winter
Biological Sex
Very dark brown, nearly black
Long black hair with a slight wave. Tends to have a lot of volume
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Appears in...
Character Prototype
Tanaya Beatty

Personality Type

INFP - The Idealist
INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves, especially in the first encounter with a new person. They like spending time alone in quiet places where they can make sense of what is happening around them. People with the INFP Personality Type love analyzing signs and symbols, and consider them to be metaphors that have deeper meanings related to life. They are lost in their imagination and daydreams, always drowned in the depth of their thoughts, fantasies, and ideas.   An INFP’s main goals are to discover their life’s meaning and to serve humanity. They are idealists and perfectionists who drive themselves hard to achieve these goals. They are highly intuitive about people, and rely heavily on their intuitions to guide them.   INFPs are thoughtful, considerate, and good listeners who put people at ease. They are reserved in expressing their own emotions but genuinely care about others and wish to understand them. Even in conflict situations, an INFP will strive to understand both sides of an argument and avoid hurt feelings, no matter who is wrong or right.   While others would make decisions based on their past experiences, INFPs rely more heavily on their intuition and gut feelings. They look beyond experience to search for an underlying meaning. They find signs and patterns in everyday circumstances, and consider metaphors and symbols that they see around them when making decisions.   People with this personality type are often talented writers. They may be uncomfortable with verbal expression, but they have an innate ability to define and express what they’re feeling on paper. People with the INFP personality type appear frequently in social service professions, such as counseling or teaching. They are at their best in situations where they’re working towards the public good, and in which they don’t need to use hard logic.   INFPs have their own set of standards and principles from which they base their actions and decisions. They have a strong personal value system, and all their words and actions depend on whether or not they fit into that system. INFPs have high standards and are usually perfectionists. They fight and work hard for whatever’s on their plate, and no matter how simple the task is, it becomes their cause.   INFPs are idealists who care deeply about the world they live in. They feel like they exist to make the world a better place for everyone. They are existentialists, always seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.   Personality trait descriptions from Personality Perfect

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Cover image: Slow Motion Close Up DOF by Flystock
Character Portrait image: by Tanaya Beatty


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