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Las Calabazas

Present Day (kind of)

Created by


Pumpkin Dog
Las Calabazas: the City of Frights. Contained within its own pocket dimension, this massive sprawling city serves as home to all the monsters and terrors that have haunted the minds and hearts of the Multiverse for eons. From vampires and werecreatures to yuki-onna and leprechauns, Las Calabazas has a diverse and thriving population living out their day-to-day in a city of terrifying proportions.   Of course, it's no utopia. With so many species from so many places, cultures and ideals clash on the regular. Constructs fight for independence, wanting to be regarded as something more than the property of their creators; humanity strives to make a name for themselves among those who once considered them prey (or still do!) ; ancient beasts from beyond time contend with the younger and more impudent while trying to keep up with fast-paced city life...   Above all of this, an understaffed and overworked City Council tries to maintain law and order through a number of ineffective, bumbling Departments; each doing their very best to make sure the city doesn't erupt into all-out anarchy. All the while, the city's founder and overseer, the Skeleton Prince, hasn't been seen in years, and many wonder if he's abandoned his creation entirely...   Still, it's not all gloom and doom. Most days, life goes on as usual; goods and services are bought and sold; magic is cast; inventions are tinkered with; friendships are made and lost; love blooms, even in the unlikeliest of places. The city persists, and every hour, the Midnight Clock chimes.

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