Summer Camp reading challenge

This year SummerCamp, was good for me. I only achieve SIlver. But it has allowed me to open a new section east of my maps with very interesting culture, that will need developing. It has also allowed me to dig deeper into the Serene arquitecture and how some of their organizations are developing.  

A title that commands respect from those in the know

councillor-rank   Interesting article, regarding a goverment who follow more guideline than rules. Two things a would worry about them. 1 a skism, fracturing the council, due to irreconciliable ways to interpret those guidelines. 2 Tradition, cristalizing those guidelines into a strict set of non-writen rules, which are follow relisgously
sheep-wrangler   I like this article, because it reminds us, perspective is important. And so farming sheep become a lot more dangerous when you are the same size they are.
veiled-one-rank   Sometimes organization started with the best intention, may not remain like this forever. What separates a meritocracy from a oligarchy is sometimes corruption but other times, unconcious bias. Something to take into consideration for Serene  

a tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone

the-oath-taking-ritual   Nice article. This show how good is to left the reader with many question, so they want more information regarding the world and the ritual
lessening-ritual   I need to learn, how to make people people go from article to article, like andrea does in this article. I also need more Ais in my world.
capsule-test-ritual   Why do ritual continue to happen, in the way they were first established, when the activity changes? Sometimes there is a reason and sometimes, it just, well tradition.  

A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership

the-treacle-skirmishes-militaryConflict   I love how the liderage in this case, was getting the right allies into battle and doing this by offering something they need instead of force.
the-dimitris-manuever   I would love to be able to write dialogue, like he does, so what I need to learn to do this in the future.
the-second-armada-militaryConflict   The expositon of the different side, why the conflict arise and the sacrifices need to resolve it, is what i need to learn from this article.  

Look to the future

I need to expand on characters and organizations, as I seem to do better with settlements and areas. On both Serene and the Conclave Island, i need to define families, motivations and points of conflic. using all the material I have gathered in the past 2 months. I need to work in the timeline, as well.


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