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The world as everyone knew it is gone. The last remnants of humanity hide behind the thick walls they have constructed to protect them from the hordes of evil beyond. For centuries humans have prospered, grown, and waited for a hope that seems to be long gone. They fear to venture beyond the safety of their walls, beyond the safety of the kingdom of Tethos.   Beyond the wall is unknown. What is known are the abominations that set upon the walls defenders day and night. Hordes of creatures of unknown origin plague the remnants of humanity threatening to drive them extinct. Those that live close to the wall sleep uneasy at night, and those that live in the capital live lives of luxury and innocence to the monstrosities that kill their kinsmen and threaten their very way of life.   Humanity has completely forgotten it's past, and all it knows now is survival. Will a hero step up and explore the unknown? Will someone stop the advancing hordes? Or will the last of humanity crumble, and the last light of the world be extinguished by an unknown foe?