WorldEmber 2021

For WorldEmber 2021, I plan to write articles for both the The Wellspring Dragons and Lapis of Nicodem. The articles will cover content from The Glass Volcano: The Wellspring Dragons Book 3 and Ambercaast, the newest books for their respective worlds (Ambercaast is a continuation of the Lapis of Nicodem serial, so it is ongoing in that respect).   I'm listing a lot of articles that I wish to complete, so in case one isn't working out, I can move to the next. I'm planning illustrations to accompany them as well.   In conjunction with the new content, I'll be continuing to revamp The Wellspring Dragons. It was the first world I created, and I learned a lot while doing so, but that also means it doesn't look how I want it to look.   Unlike last year, I'm not all burned out from NaNoWriMo. So we'll see how far I get!   All completed WorldEmber articles can be found here: WorldEmber 2021 Articles  


Lapis of Nicodem

  • Cassa
  • Dagby
  • Jerin
  • Kayleb
  • Linz
  • Mama Poison
  • Requet
  • Shara
  • Tovi
  • Yedin
  • Ambercaast
  • Relics of Taangis: Ruins
  • Underville
  • Aquatheerdaal
  • Carrion Lizards
  • Khentauree
  • The Lells
  • Terron Lizards

The Wellspring Dragons

  • The butterfly sylfaone
  • Gada Kiore
  • Kykini Cede
  • Nezdyravyn
  • Qasinya
  • Temberest
  • Verigh
  • Greyns
  • Map of Black-shine Valley
  • Rakan (country)
  • Kick-portals
  • Magick wells
  • Timelines
    • Jonna Empire
    • Merren
    • Oritan


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