Varr is a giant, strong of body and stout of purpose. Few recognize his gentle nature due to his overwhelming physical presence. He can be loud and cheerful, which normally covers secret melancholy.  

Varr is Midir's bodyguard. He plans security around the royal's life and travels, and works closely with the rebellion to assure his safety.   He has worked with a few apprentices, the most notable being Patch. Those he trains tend to enter the rebellion and either stay on as guards for Midir or take the more dangerous missions for the rebels.  

Varr's brightness dimmed after the fall of Nicodem, and he became a much sterner person. He secretly blamed himself for the intelligence failure that led to the slaughter, and has yet to pull himself away from the depression. He feels Midir's unfailing faith in him is ill-deserved, and his guilt, when he speaks with Faelan, oftentimes seeps into the conversation.   Nothing is as terrifying as Varr when roused to fury.   He considered himself something of an uncle to Lapis, and her assumed death struck him, hard. The realization that she lived cracked his shell, and the old Varr is peeking out.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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