Tovi is a terron lizard from the continent of Siindlenorth. He was raised on the eastern coast of Meergevenis until a storm decimated his village and killed his parents. The villagers cast him out because, having been born with the unlucky mark of white quarter moons on each hip, they saw the devastation as his fault. Concerned neighboring humans contacted the Bawik Institute for help, and Tovi moved to their location, where he met Cassa. And his life drastically changed.  

Tovi is a student. He wants an advanced degree, inspired by Cassa, but has so many interests, he is not certain which route to take.  

Tovi is bright, caring and opinionated, something he picked up from Cassa. He acts against her advice when he gets sullen, teen angst and a deep sense of not belonging prompting it. He is reserved when meeting new people because he expects hate from them. He does not trust anyone to have his best interest at heart, except for Cassa. She nearly destroyed her career to adopt him, and he wonders if he can ever repay her for it.   The reason Cassa accepted the Jilvayna post was because she thought he would benefit from exposure to other terrons who were considered outcasts. It has helped, but he sees the Depths infighting as a precursor to the fear that prompted his village to cast him out. He is far more inclined to Vali than to any other terron, which causes friction between him and the Depths.   The outwardly casual acceptance of weeld kleth by the Jilvaynan underground group wanting to infiltrate Ambercaast has him flummoxed. He expected to be driven away with threats of death, but no one seems interested in harming either him or Vali. While he decided that more important matters occupy the humans, he has no explanation for Rin's friendship. He cautiously returns it, though he ultimately expects them to go their separate ways.

25 (equals 15-16 in human years)


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1 Jan, 2022 04:09

Nice details on the character, which we don't really see from the human side of the story.

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