Perben is a rebel with strong ties to Meinrad and Rambart, two older nobles who wish to take the rebellion in a different direction than what Faelan plans.   Rebels consider him kind and generous, and he conducts himself with charming politeness. He has a reputation for quick infiltrations and destruction of Dentherion property, earning him the title of Rebel's Devil.  

Perben is a rebel. He is part of the Blue Council, and owes his position to Meinrad and Rambart, who spoke for his inclusion. Hw tends to go on dangerous missions, and usually alone.   He is also a royal spy.  

Perben has cultivated his persona and his looks, making him irresistibly attractive to those he needs to influence. He has a sharp, deadly temper when provoked, and those who have landed on his bad side have left the rebellion rather than face his wrath. His charming nature coats his true intentions, hiding them from rebel acquaintances. He enjoys the deception, and sees it as a game.   He purposefully chose to lead Kale's men into Nicodem when Faelan was not present, and finds himself questioning that decision due to Faelan's withdrawal from their friendship. He resents those closest to his once-friend, and has done his best to undermine their voice in retaliation for what he sees as a betrayal of his trust and affection.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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