Neassa is all-smiles and happiness, even when a more serious tone is necessary. She enjoys socializing and meeting new people, though few realize how guarded she is in an unfamiliar person's presence.   She schooled at the Brazienne, a prestigious college in Dentheria, earning a degree in public policy, as her grandparents wished. During her time there, she came to resent the lack of tech in her native Jilvayna. It made life for the average Dentherion simpler, and she saw the degradation of her country as the supreme insult.  

Neassa is Midir's personal assistant. While she keeps his schedule, she also does a lot of research into various topics and adds her own expertise into the mix. She is a valuable voice Midir relies upon in uncertain times.  

Neassa is the granddaughter of the Minq Syndicate terrboss of Jilvayna. It has afforded her an education she would have otherwise been denied, and she is grateful for the opportunities their wealth bestowed. The Minq, ever eager to undermine Dentheria, are quite happy to have a familial presence so near Midir and the Jilvayna rebel cause. Neassa, however, follows her conscience rather than Minq dictate, which is disappointing for her family. In this, she is overly stubborn and opinionated, and will fall to shouting matches with her grandparents about proper deference to their whims.   She respects Midir and Varr, and enjoys working with them. They have become friends over the years, which she never anticipated when she took the job. She has willingly introduced Midir to various underground entities, not all Minq-related, giving the rebel cause contacts within criminal organizations they normally would be denied.
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