Midir is the center of the Jilvayna rebellion, though most do not know it. He was raised to take the throne from Gall, as his predecessors were raised to attempt to wrest control of the country from Dentheria. He fought against the unwanted burden, but after the death of Alaric and Iolanthe, he became determined to succeed.   He is soft-spoken, a calming influence among many hotheads. He feels he learned from his more exuberant youth, and brings wisdom to the Blue Council table.  

Midir is, technically, heir to the Jilvayna throne. As such, he is a prince, though he prefers to think of himself as just another rebel leader.  

Midir spent his younger years fuming that his parents bestowed the burden of royalty upon him. His family's claim to the throne was dead, and there seemed little point in pretending otherwise. His friendship with Alaric and Iolanthe changed his attitude somewhat, and after they declared him godfather of their first child, he began to take note of Gall's poor leadership choices and how it affected the country. He wished for the boy, and his subsequent siblings, to live in a place that respected and cradled them and their ambitions, rather than destroy everything for a foreign council's pleasure.   He was devastated when Kale destroyed Nicodem. He became the only one who could initially console Faelan after the loss, and they vowed to revenge the deaths. Their renewed purpose changed the rebellion, and many of the older, stubborn members did not accept that nobles no longer held all the power and all the voice within.

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