Lykas is an older street rat, who, like Rin, is looking to the future and a life off the streets. A chaser's lot strikes him as a perfect combo of adventure and pay, and since two people he admires and respects ply the trade, he is eager to become Lanth's apprentice--and even maybe go on a chase with Patch.   Lykas's claim to fame is the stake he took out on a greedy merchant who destroyed his cubby and his few possessions for the sheer pleasure of watching him suffer. Patch took the stake, cleaned the merchant out, and then whisked him to the undermarket, where they sold the stolen jewelry for a tidy silver profit. The chaser gave him the entire haul, and he used it to pay rent, far in advance, for a small room at a local inn owned by a sympathetic older couple. He and Jandra have lived there ever since.  

Lykas is a pickpocket and beggar. As a child, he grubbed up and looked pathetic, and tourists gave him money. As a teen, he's good-looking enough that he tends to get bits from tourists who are sad such a "nice-looking" lad must beg for a living. He has staked a corner just inside the Lells, and most rats call it Lykas's Corner. He, Rin and Scand often work crowds together, with Lykas distracting targets and the other two picking them.   He wants to transition to chaser as quickly as possible, especially after Miki's death, but events have conspired to put that on hold.  

Lykas's parents died when he was young enough not to truly understand what was going on. He ended up in the streets when no relative would take him, and Chinder drew him under his wing. He met Rin, Scand, Jandra, and several other rats through the old thief, and they became his family. He, too, cracked when Chinder passed, and without Jandra's support, that event might have pushed him into a guttershank's life. Instead, he and Jandra followed Rin to Lady Lanth's reading circle.   He is not as wed to the reading circle as Rin, but he supports it unconditionally. He sees it as Lanth intended; a way for rats to gain a skill that will get them better employment than guttershank. He helps the younger urchins as best he can, and falls to bouts of depression when the darkness of street living becomes too much to ignore. Jandra helps him see the better parts of life, when he assumes they have evaporated.   While not as popular as Rin, he has enough charisma and smiles to enchant the Lells rats and merchants, though, in truth, the only person he cares about being into him is Jandra. He cautiously looks to a future with her, though he dreads what might happen if his life falls apart again, as it did when Chinder died.


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