Lapis had a sweet and loving upbringing until age twelve, when a rebel traitor betrayed her father and her family was slaughtered. By luck she escaped. For eight years, she has trained to one end; exact revenge on the man who betrayed them.   Lapis is known to the Jiy rebels as Lapis, but her street guise is Lady Lanth. Many Grey Streets denizens simply call her Lady as a show of respect.  

Lapis is a chaser. She earns decent coin taking stakes on petty thieves and scammers.   She has earned the respect of many Grey Streets citizens by taking a select few street rats under her wing. She teaches those motivated enough how to read, giving them a chance at a better life than the Jiy streets could ever provide.  

Lapis attempts to keep aloof, but has difficulty managing it with those she cares for. She does not want to suffer the devastation of losing someone close to her again, but she longs for deep friendships and relationships.   In many ways, her world revolves around her partner, Patch. He is the rock that she stands upon when she feels the most vulnerable. She does not realize, she plays a similar role for him.   Of all the reading circle rats, Rinan is dearest to her. She treats him like a brother, and he reciprocates in kind.
by Shanda Nelson

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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