Inspirational Articles from WorldEmber 2021

  When I read through articles (and books, actually) it's usually a sentences or a phrase that catches my attention, and that I remember long beyond most other happenings in said writing. I am also often inspired by the art and presentation. It makes my collection rather eclectic.  
    I like Revyera's entire Age of Grey concept. There's something about color having more than a visual effect on the world that appeals to me as an artist. Art is magical to me, and thinking about the essence of color being magically important is rewarding.  
Step of the Ruin
Spell | Dec 30, 2021

A spell which rips out the last few drops of Color out of a place the caster already marked. A signature spell of the Gray Mage.

  What caught my attention in Bladeswillfall's article on Xateal, Nadir of Greed, was the pic. It portrays a creature that makes one feel as uneasy as the content of the article should. A very pretty overall presentation.  
Xateal, Nadir of Greed
Character | Feb 9, 2022
  This article by VoxEterna had me thinking about what shapes I would create to house particular spells. Would the shape relate to the spell? Would it be completely different, like having a water spell held in a torch? It was a fun exercise.  
The Apolex Ambiguity
Item | Dec 16, 2021
  I like Mimoria's article "Naming of Objects" because of the sentence, "This is because it is dangerous to give names." Names, in this world, hold magic, so that makes sense, and it's interesting to think about. How dangerous can you make an object, if you give it a particular name?  
Naming of objects
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 18, 2021
  Another name article, this one by Angantyr. Proper Names are given to those who are wealthy enough to afford them, at a cost (perhaps) of the general public knowing intimate details of a person's personality. What caught my attention was the explanation that once set, the person was static, unchanging, because they had to reflect that name. Despite the religious purpose, a Proper Name seems like a curse. What must it be like, to fight not to change? How, exactly, do you keep yourself the same? What if you do change?  
Language | Jan 15, 2022

A language... well, formally a marrige of two languages used for binding ones name. Get it right and you can even bind a divinity in a mortal body.

  The name Dapper Capricorn chose for the article caught my attention. "Snuggler's Den" is a nice play on words. Why not have a cozy place to snuggle? I also appreciate the centrality of the library in the place.  
Snuggler's Den
Building / Landmark | Dec 1, 2021
  I like Probably Wind's Jorsøt article for the kizarmis description. Stamp symbols on a pastry cube, have the eater throw it like a die, and whatever side lands up is what the thrower will receive; luck, health, etc. Make certain an enemy doesn't mess with those stamps!  
Jorsøt | "Warrior's Cake"
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 7, 2022

A traditional meal for magic users

  In Sauotus, the Element of Fire article, Silverthewitchdoctor wrote that humans did not see reason as part of the mind, but an innate desire that could be manipulated--opposite of what I think of as reason. It reminded me how the ancient Egyptians did not think the brain was all that important, and while they preserved other organs, they threw it away. Different peoples have different persepectives.  
Sauotus, The Element of Fire
Spell | Dec 14, 2021
Sailing Oscelot always has a wondrous presentation. Sea Hears articles are neat, with nice colors that have an elegant vibe and that match perfectly with their world.  
The Vermillion Bird Dormitories - The Palace
Building / Landmark | Dec 23, 2021

The Palace contains several music and art rooms available for all students during the day as well as the private common room for the Vermillion Bird clan and their dormitories.

  I like the presentation of this Kummer Wolfe article. I love the scroll background image; the brushy shadows add class and a sense of "ancient" to the words.  
Troll Hills
Geographic Location | Feb 13, 2022

A lone set of hills in the middle of the Longgrass Plains, it has been the quiet location for many rich historic, or dark, events.



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