Hoyt is something of a mystery. He is a man, and his brothers act as lieutenants and shanks for his criminal ring. He has ambitions towards becoming an important underboss, but that is all anyone knows for certain. The undershanks who work for him have never met him, and while he has several small stakes, his appearance is missing from them all.   Rumor says he is a stout and strong man, like his deceased brother Cimis. Rumor says he is not so smart, but he bullies to get his way. What is knows is that he hides in shadows and allow others to do his dirty work for him, and while most scoff at his cowardice, it has kept him out of a jail cell. His brother Sibs is the go-between, but he makes it clear all orders are from Hoyt.   No one knows if he or his brothers are from Jiy, though most assume they were raised in the Stone Streets. His contacts are varied, but he does not make the silvers that would let him be more of an underground power. His recent attacks on Sir Armarandos and the Minq Syndicate have made people question his sanity--one cannot become an underground power after they are dead, and pissing off both the guard and the Minq lead in that direction.  

Hoyt is a small-time ring boss with aspirations to lead a larger syndicate. His ring has grown in recent years, but the payouts he provides are not up to syndicate standards. This is why some feel his recent foray into tech smuggling is so ludicrous.  

Four men, Cimis (deceased), Sibs, Eb and Gid claim to be his brothers. They tend to speak as if they do know him well. No other personal information about him has leaked.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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