Faelan is the Leader of the Jilvayna rebels, a position he inherited after his father's murder. He is known as a kind, easy-going man of vast empathy and understanding, but he has a burning fury that makes even the harshest rebel hesitate to confront him.  

As Leader of the Jilvaynian rebels, he conducts diplomatic missions to other rebel groups who are members of the Wolf Collaborate. He is one of the more trusted leaders due to his family's tragic end; everyone believes his goal is revenge, and no one can see him betraying the Pack due to it.   He has taken on the task of cleaning out and cleaning up the Jilvayna rebel Houses, believing a more cohesive force will better resist Dentheria than a ragtag union of loosely allied groups. His interest in the local Houses, no matter how small, has led to better mission outcomes and greater cooperation and coordination throughout the country.  

The defining moment of Faelan's life was the slaughter of his family at the hands of the puppet king and his general. It crushed him, and without the few friends constantly at his side, he would have wasted away. He vowed revenge, and has done everything in his power to bring about the fall of the Dentherion Empire. His is a vicious undercutting of authority, hitting them where it hurts; he does not think a full assault will accomplish as much as underhanded dealings.   He realized his sister Melanthe had survived after Patch unwittingly described his partner's peculiar favorite dessert. His fury burned hard and deep at the deception, and when Patch realized what had happend, very carefully, with much allusion, reminded him that silence had kept her alive. He guessed that Lady Thais and Ciaran had begun to collect evidence against the rebel who murdered his family, and not much longer after that, guessed who that traitor must be. Knowing, as Thais and Ciaran did, that they needed irrefutable proof of his actions, he kept his silence as well, and waited.   Visiting Jiy has given him the opportunity to renew his relationship with his sister, one he eagerly and desperately takes.


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