Dagby is a retired hunter whose past is catching him. He has spent most of his life on one drug or another, hunting to pay for his habit. He finally hit rock bottom after taking brainbreak for too long and losing most of his memory from the last five years.  

Dagby is a retired hunter. He began his career as a chaser, and progressed to more and more dangerous stakes to pay for his drug addiction. Once he became clean, he no longer had the stomach for the work, but as he has few skills relevant to life outside of chasing, he is adrift and searching for a new beginning.  

Dagby was an angry child who grew into an angry adult. His parents were absent, so his grandmother raised him. He felt little but contempt for her overbearing discipline, and as soon as he could, he struck out on his own. He fell to everything his grandmother warned him about, and smugly accepted her disapproval.   He sought high after high, leaping from successful chases to drugs. He made enough to build a drug den in the Kells sewers, and attracted guttershanks from all over Jiy. After he starting imbibing brainbreak, he lost memories. Most of the last five years are gone, and only bits remain. He reached a point where his lack of memory scared him badly enough he sought help to overcome his addiction. Through the Meint, he received medication to dull the cravings, and returned to his grandmother's house in Underville. Only then did he realize his previous actions had placed him, and through him, his grandmother, in danger. He is desperate to right his many wrongs, and has no idea how to do so before his past kills him.


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