Brander finds purpose and meaning in a senselessly violent world within the Jilvayna rebellion. He is devoted and eager to destory Gall and his influence on the country.  

Brander is a professional thief. His successes initially attracted the previous Jiy House Heandman's attention, and he eagerly joined a higher cause. He completes many missions for the rebellion that deal with secret entry into difficult locations.   He has become a staple trainer for rebel Leaders at the Jiy House, and with Sherridan, they have a good record of successfully guiding new members into productive rebels. He and Sherridan also attempt to mitigate some of Baldur's abuses.  

Brander knows the darkness in the streets of Jiy, and wishes to help alleviate it in any way he can. Much of his take is given to the charity his sister runs, which helps feed families who have nothing. He believes nobles should give far more than they do to the general wellfare of Jilvayna, and steals what he considers a citizen's tax from them.   He is an easy-going and likable man, but has a darker side he only reveals to those who harm others for personal gain. He is no friend of the rich, though he keeps his digust of Baldur well hidden.

Cover image: by Shand Nelson


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