Baldur is the Jiy House Headman, and revels in the authority. He commonly sits back and takes credit for the work of others, and is quick to punish those who annoy him. His interest in the House concerns underhanded deals with the underground merchants rather than missions that work to undermine Gall and his court.  

Baldur is a merchant who deals in precious metals. He makes enough money to care for an expensive house, buy expensive clothing, and eat expensive food, and sees the rebel cause as another avenue for profit. Most of the time he spends at the Jiy House involves gouging underground dealers to squeeze just a bit more profit out of their agreements.  

Baldur is a hard-headed, selfish man with little interest in anything outside greed. He finds most rebels uncouth and stupid, and treats them accordingly. He very much disagrees that women should be allowed a say in rebel affairs, which causes unnecessary clashes at the Jiy House. He is terrified of Patch, and does his best to mitigate the man's anger towards him while still reaping a proft from rebel deals.
brown, balding

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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