Armarandos is the son of Lord Cados, a wealthy and influential court noble. He is a stout and dedicated knight, intent on returning a sense of pride and respect to the Jiy guard.  

Armarandos is a knight. He convinced the knight superiors in Jiy to allow him the opportunity to evaluate and make changes in the guard. Eager to take some of the heat off their backs due to a far-reaching and embarrassing tech smuggling operation founded by disillusioned guards, the knight superiors gave him full authority to do as he pleased.  

Armarandos is a stout and true man, who treats all with respect. He has an easy-going manner, but a sharp temper when provoked. He wants to believe in the best of people, but knows reality will disappoint him time and again.   He lives in the shadow of his father. He finds that irritating, but the association has gotten him out of too many tight situations.   He is one of the few nobles who sympathizes with the plight of the less fortunate. Many of the changes he has implemented in the guard are directed at seeing them less as criminals and more as humans with a hard life.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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