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Name: Ash Flowers
Price: 5
Description: The mildly relaxing petals of these small red flowers are known to bloom in the ashen fields that remains after a wildfire. An old declining custom is to have a large celebration after overcoming a large wildfire. The <organization> have recently developed a reliable method to grow them in heated ash flowerbeds and are flooding the market with large quantities of cheap Ash Flowers. They are relatively popular, especially for beginners due to their calming effects, rare side effects and no overdose and great availability.
Effect: The crimson red dried up petals are applied in various ways, most commonly smoked, but also put into food and chewed. Their effect is best described as an intense calmness and a sense of creativity and easily amuseability for 1d6 hours.
Overdose: None
Addiction: Minimal

Name: Dwarven Shame
Price: ?
Description: This special purplish snuff is often sold as a remedy to those Dwarves that unfortunately have problems with naturally growing a proud beard or by diplomats who forgot to prepare for their Dwarven mission by growing an appropriate beard. It is made from the silver leaves of the <Name> plant that only grows on the highest of mountain tops combines with liquefied rubies.
Effect: Within the next 2d4 hours you grow a mighty Dwarven Beard for 1d4 weeks. Side effects include a runny nose, occasional severe sneezing fits and in extreme cases severe nosebleeding.
Overdose: Your beard starts falling off and your chin looks cleanly shaven as a baby's butt making you unable to grow a beard naturally for 1d8 months. Such an overdose and it's effects are called shamefully called "Dwarven Shave"
Addiction: If not taken regularly it falls off and your chin looks cleanly shaven as a baby's butt making you unable to grow a beard naturally for 1d8 months.

Name: Sweet Escape
Price: ?
Description: These drugs are produced from the illegal Dream Mist plant. It is known to be incredibly beautiful and actually rather easy to grow. In southern areas they are considered a pest for their aggressive reproductive tactics and resilience. Their nectar, one of the lesser poisonous parts of the plant gives off a very sweet smell that has a relaxing effect, but causes nightmares to those who sleep in their vicinity. Pollinators often prefer this nectar for its great sweetness. It is said that it increases the size and resilience of bee larvae that are fed with this nectar. Most parts of the plant are very toxic, but they can be refined to be used for various purposes. For the purpose of this drug the leaves of this plant that are then dried up with the blue salts of <name>. Those dried leaves are then brewed into a hot tea. The sweet smelling steam causes a very deep sleep with the most wonderful dreams. Curiously all the users actually share the same dream. Even though it does sound like a very positive effect it has been the downfall of many a man, an escape from their horrid reality, a breeding ground for dream demons or DTDs (Dream Transmitted Diseases).
The Plant originated from Thriae colonies. It is unclear if they intentionally designed the plant that way or if it naturally evolved that way. It was first introduced into many cultures by nobles who imported those plants for their gardens, but they soon discovered their sleep inducing effects. The common folk easily stole some of the seeds from the noble's garden for themselves to grow a plant in a pot. Common signs of someone growing their own Dream Mist plants are: Bees throughout the house, a very sweet smell, red eyes, unrestful sleep, lack of motivation.
Effect: The tea can be brewed and inhaled from these dried leaves to induce a shared dream.
Overdose: An overdose can lead to complete shutdown of higher brain functions, leading to an eternal slumber.
Addiction: dc 16, severe


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