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Ancient and mysterious city with spectacular, dragon-built architecture dating back to the First Empire. Ruled by a council of wizards. The closest settlement to the Forbidden Swamp. The population is quite cosmopolitan, with humans being the most common but not a majority. Gnomes and elves are almost as common, dwarves, halflings and orcs (as well as half-orcs and half-elves) are not unusual, and even Kobolds, Gnolls, Giants, Goblins and Lizardpeople are fairly common sights.   Nethys (God of Magic) is considered the highest God, Most other deities are worshiped. Unusually for a human city, there is a public temple of Asmodeus, and it is not uncommon to find preachers exulting Lamashtu (Goddess of Monsters, Madness and Nightmares) on the streets.

Owning Organization
The Council of Wizards

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