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Lands of Sea

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world which was created by dragons in the begining, when everything was hot and burning. The dragons introduced the magic to humans and taught them how to survive but they didnt live on to be friends. Angering the dragons by their greed, they decided to leave humans for once and for all. even so you can still find dragons living with humans as if they are part of their society. after dragons left the lands of sea to humans, they split it up and made up kingdoms and empires, but it didnt last too long. after 6 centuries there was a war which lasted for 100years and came to an end when one of the islands created a war machine. infinite source of soldiers who didnt feel or fear. this resulted in mostly destroyed islands and a dictatorship upon the islands. even though there are rebbeling forces the capitol still has control over everyone and the rebels had to leave the main islands of vanu. life on vanu is disgraceful for some but really beautiful for some. it depends who you ask. because Capitol citizens, living in comfort and flourish, dont know where they are getting resources , meanwhile the habitants of 5 islands around the capitol are well aware of this and they have to constantly fight starvation for survival.

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