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Lands of Ezarion

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Editorial Team

The air is calm as you lie away in your hammock, slowly swaying back and forth with the push and pull of the waves. The wood of the ships creaks and groans gently, ensuring that it was never truly quiet onboard. You find that despite how tired you were, your mind was wide awake with anticipation. By this time tomorrow you'd be resting in a proper bed at an inn, rather than in the belly of a great wooden ship. You carefully slip out of your hammock and open the chest beside it, pushing aside what few possessions you were able to take with you. You retrieve a small piece of parchment from within and unwrap it, reading over the text once again. Ezarion... A new and untamed wilderness ripe for settlement, or so they said. Judging by how many other fliers and posters you had seen for the place, it had become quite the attraction with people from all different walks of life drawn to the prospect of a new and unexplored land.   You roll the parchment back up and tuck it away in your luggage, sliding into your hammock with a resigned sigh. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about what you'll find waiting for you when you arrive. You had heard that there was already a town waiting for you, a port of some kind, but what else was there? How much had already been claimed? As you lay back and let your eyes close, your thoughts are drawn back to home. It seemed to you that no matter what, everyone had a reason to come to Ezarion. Whether it be for money, glory, fame, or to escape their past...   What was your reason for coming here?