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Uchiha Clan

Though a flame may be extinguished, fire is eternal.

It is an understatement to say this clan has not earned its place in society. The Uchiha Clan is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, and it is debated they are the strongest of the few. Their natural battle prowess and their possession of a legendary ocular Jutsu, the Sharingan, is barely crossing the line of their repertoire. After assisting in the founding of Konoha decades ago, the Uchiha Clan have sequestered themselves from village affairs. To this day, few Uchiha roam the Lands of Fire.


The Uchiha Clan is not a clan to have a sovereign ruler. The Uchiha are not governed by single entity, but rather conduct themselves as a community. However, the Uchiha are the founders of a central judicial organization, the Leaf Military Police Force. The ones who run the Police Force customarily are Uchiha, and this figurehead is ranked the chief of operations. The Uchiha chief acts as the Uchiha's delegate for any diplomatic matters, however, their aforementioned behavior is to steer clear of any significant deliberative dealings. The Uchiha routinely live within their clan sector and are not dealt commands from the Police Force chief.


The Chief of Operations attend the Clan Congregations in place of every member being present. They also organize and run the Police Force's departments:
  • The Lock-Up Division
A unit of Police Force members that control the cell criminals and lawbreakers.
  • The Gavel Division
The subsection of the Police Force which takes part in overseeing the regular activities of elite shinobi.
  • The Balance Division
A judicial department in the Police Force which provides and exercises warrants, laws, and judiciary regulations.

Public Agenda

The Uchiha separate themselves entirely from conflict. Their behavior is against any forthright claims, yet the Uchiha give consistent service to Konoha civilization. The many Samaritans of the clan support the livelihoods of essential people with a relentless work ethic and unbreakable amiability. Coin or fame is not the driving ambition of the Uchiha, but to be a stable and substantial piece in prosperity. They have little care for political squabble and keep their eyes on the blood of the Leaf, the people. Day in and day out, the clan's Police Force officers patrol the streets in collaboration with any willing Jonin to snuff out any issues. If a diplomatic solution is plausible, the Uchiha will steer the situation towards that outcome. The clan wants to safeguard the village from being severely damaged, some speculate it is out of pure guilt for their past actions.


Aside from the Police Force, the Uchiha do not own many properties or resources. Estates are not a necessity for them, since they own one of the most revered ocular powers on the planet. This exceptional Dojutsu is dubbed the Sharingan. The Sharingan permits the user to visually see chakra, cast various illusions, and perhaps most infamously, the ability to mimic an opponent. This ocular ability is a versatile weapon that many Jonin would rather flee than face an Uchiha. The eye is highly sought after by shinobi, maybe due to its bloody history or for its vast capabilities.
The Uchiha own a few plots and estates outside the walls of Konoha. These clan acreages are nothing haughty or boastful, just simple recreational lands that touch upon sacred premises, properties used for facility or storage affairs, and fine eateries for Konoha and Uchiha folk alike. An example of some them are:

Uchiha Senbei.png
  • Uchiha Senbei
This Uchiha affiliated shop sells senbei within Konohagakure. It is deemed no incredible establishment, but it holds an odd sentimentality to it that some buy their senbei out of emotional instinct.
Naka Shrine.png
  • Nakano Shrine
Otherwise known as the Shrine of Southern Joy, the Uchiha property is the prime location for their worship, whispering prayers to their gods (Susano'o, Tsukuyomi, and Amaterasu). There is also a carved statue of an ancient samurai legend in the vicinity. Within the premises of the shrine, are several rooms retaining artifacts and historical items in Uchiha history. Though, some Uchiha claim those trinkets hold nothing over the Uchiha records, myths, and fables inscribed on eroded stone tablets.


Quarrel of Blood

Back when the Warring States Period was still wreaking ruin across the lands, the Uchiha were one of the main dreaded forces. Because they had painted a name for themselves with the blood of their enemies, the fledgling countries of the era would recruit the Uchiha for their powerful services and their Dojutsu, the Sharingan. Their renown had shined a spotlight on them, and this caused another clan with equivalent power to measure up to them. This lineage of shinobi was the Senju Clan, a clan of exceptional Wood Style users, and they were also hired by emerging countries to challenge the dominion held by the Uchiha. This battle betwixt two equally strong clans lasted for centuries. Warfare made Uchiha owe the death of a clans member to the Senju and the Senju vice versa. The perpetuity of their hatred chafed them, so their tensions rang hollow as the years went on. Two members from both separate clans made contact with each other, and soon after became friends since they shared the same disposition with the hatred of the Uchiha and Senju. Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju both believed the fighting was unnecessarily taking the lives of the innocent, and that they were wasting their lives away squabbling for political nonsense. After the two clans became privy to their meetings, Madara turned away his dream of change since he realized Hashirama and him were too young and too weak to truly leave their mark.
Madara and Hashirama continued the fighting for more years to come. Madara awakened a unique power to the Uchiha's Dojutsu, the Mangekyo Sharingan, and he rose to take the superior position of the clan. Hashirama was in a similar position, however, he desired a peace between the two clans while Madara had grown to despise the Senju for taking the life of his brother. Madara disdained any interest within his clan to broker an alliance with the Senju and challenged the Senju's supremacy one final time. Madara was defeated by the hand of Hashirama, but still denied any opportunity to bring about change. He insisted that Hashirama kill himself in a last-ditch effort to prove to himself he had control. To Madara's surprise, Hashirama agreed to the terms. His resolve to take his own life for peace reminded Madara of his past ideals, and moved him to rescind his order. Madara accepted the alliance offer from the Senju, and thus, the century old battle had come to a close.

Founding of the Leaf

The Uchiha and Senju unified as one and established a pact with the royal family of the Land of Fire to create a Hidden Village in its borders. This Hidden Village is what would become to be known as Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Seeing as the two major contestants of the Warring States period settled down, other fighting factions adopted Konoha's model which ultimately ended the era. Now Konoha was in need of a representative, a leader who can guide the settlement to prosperity. A majority of Leaf Folk took a liking to Hashirama and voted him to be the Hokage, the leader of the Leaf. Madara was opposed to this because he interpreted this as the Senju's next step in Uchiha suppression. Exhausted from the previous years of fighting, the Uchiha ignored Madara's pleas to rise against the Senju. Madara's own clan had ceased to hear his voice, thus, prompting his leave from the village. He later returned to finally face Hashirama in a battle at the Final Valley and ultimately ended up dying to Hashirama. Hashirama did not want the Uchiha to be condemned for Madara's actions, therefore, Tobirama Senju and Hashirama made sure the Uchiha would live in the village without backlash. To promote the clan and show its reputable standing in Konoha, Tobirama Senju left the Uchiha in charge of the newly established Leaf Military Police Force.

Mythology & Lore

Poem of Two

Quote from Original Text

"Brother of mine;
My love for you

Is as true
And ever-burning
As the starfire spit from the sky"  


Once upon a winding road
Two brothers traveled, young and old
And on this trek, they sought to find
A many things, of heart and mind

With flames to guide their path at night
And stars to light the sky
One felt he was invincible
That he would never die

The other studiously looked
But never really saw
Essential things, like love and life
And only would withdraw

When deadly fates befell them both
They both were forced to choose
Between the lives of their own kin
Or their own they would lose

In each boy's way, they died that day.  

Excerpt from Original Ending

His vision returned to him, and the searing pain pressing at the backs of his eyes numbed at the soothing press of the night sky. The stars, gently burning above, pierced tiny holes in the dark expanse above him.
He cried out to the empty beyond; "Brother dear, I know you're here.
I see you in the sky. And though my heart was struck by loss, my love will never die."
He fell to the ground, exhausted by the discoveries that came to light just that night. As color began to bleed into the horizon, the youngest brother slept on, caught by the dry earth below him. He lay supine in front of the Wise Woman's wretched hut, satisfied with the knowledge that though a flame may be extinguished, fire is eternal.

The Waltz of Wind and Fire

Long ago, a pious samurai wielded a great gunbai that could bend the very zephyrs of the land. This soldier bowed her head to the royal family, the Halberd, and paid her fealty.
Tuition and idealistic promise fell to her lap, but piercing requital forced false smiles. Intense desire allowed the samurai to slay several ghasts that blight the land.

But mercy was vaguely given. Their dire essence now veils, the samurai spares them entry to Yominokumi, since they serve a greater task at hand.
A reputable position named her the Samurai of the Southern Wind.
The course of treachery is one that would soon arrive.

But was swiftly halted by the Striped Tail of Greed. The one who consumes selfishness in the light of growth, and in the shadow of regression.
The antithesis, Suzaku Tora, befell she who rides the gusts. Her path, the one she chiseled for so long, now faced with a challenge. Yet, she continued all the same.
The final stop was confronting the disease of the Halberd. The Samurai of the Southern Wind located the Yokai that had reached the divine rank of a Titan.

An ape with a mane that seethes incandescently, a roar that sends spittle of sparks, and a staff that weighs eight tons, they both knew the inevitable.
The Samurai of the Southern Wind and Sun Wukong, the Hellfire King, commenced their grand dance.

Whirlwinds and conflagrations pulverized the surrounding area, however, the winds only invigorated the opposing force.
The Hellfire King saw himself gain the favor of battle, and the other saw herself lose to her own ignorance.
Mountains levelled and mansions jostled about, the gale was ultimately diminished, and fell to its knees.
With soft whispers of a tender breeze spelling the finale, a shred of resolve subsisted the dying winds. The dance coming to an end, the Samurai of the Southern Wind used her fading zephyrs to speak, and fanned the flames one last time.

Her words carried through to Sun Wukong, and she trapped him in a newly enkindled fit of rage.
The Hellfire King sought the death of the samurai, and crushed her in his grasp.
Sun Wukong, occupied by his outburst, inadvertently shattered the phantom masks. The Southern Wind fell, barely clutching onto her life.
With the masks now fractured, the ghasts rush to liberation, and strike at the King himself. The ghasts bombard the King with blows, rendering him weak and causing his flames to die down.

The Samurai of the Southern Wind dealt the finishing blow, and defeated Sun Wukong.

The Samurai absorbed the essence of her foe during battle, and similar to the others, barred his entry.
A memento for her near death. And a reminder that her path is now impassable.
Before her injuries prematurely took her life, she managed to impart the blazing spirit of Sun Wukong to her kindred.
For generations to come, they would partake in a gift that would make them prideful, fierce, and leaders.
The gift of Sun Wukong will forever be eternal.  

The Blood Gambit (Tapestry)

A time-honored tapestry that depicts the events from the myth, The Blood Gambit.
In the middle is the gigantic silhouette of an imposing figure with exaggerated features that resembles a Tengu garbed in shugendō attire. It's features are distorted and twisted by rage, and there are two gaping voids where it's eyes should be. In front of it, bloodied and wearing the eyes of a god is the figure of a young man.

The top right portrays the central young man plummeting into the hands of the god, within in image of his own head.

The bottom right depicts him speaking in silver glyphs that are illegible to read with the naked eye and the god looms powerfully above.

The entire left is hundreds of figures, similar to each other in numerous ways such as height, hair, and build. But each figure different than the other, and the only constant being the eyes of the gods imprinted in each figure.

The regular clan wardrobe consists high-collared outfits with the clan symbol emblazoned on the back. The positioning of the Uchiha insignia used to represent their pride and dignity to the point where it became a weakness of theirs. During the Warring States Period, Uchiha military men would refuse to wear any armor that conceals their symbol, and this caused many opponents to take advantage of the opening on their back.
The clan's name is synonymous with their ocular ability, the Sharingan. This Dojutsu allows its bearer to visualize the chakra, cast genjutsu, and most infamously, copy opponents' maneuvers and jutsu.
Civil Services
Alternative Names
Deadeyes, Spitfires, Ocular Ones, The Crows
Kaname Uchiha
Notable Members
The Uchiha have an innate affinity to the Fire Nature, and due to this, they only recognize true Uchiha if they can successfully perform the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu. Enemies of the Uchiha usually say if there is always two Water Style users for every one Uchiha.

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