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Firtinasi desert

Written by Autistic_bird_scorpion

Sand, ergs, valleys, cliffs, Oases, anything you expect to find in a desert. There are mostly nomadic people living here. Heat and predators make it difficult and dangerous to stay in one place for too long. Someone always lives near the temples though. Safety is top priority here, what with the risk of blindness or suffocation from sandstorms.   The second largest of the environments of Firtinasi. Roughly corresponds to the Gobi and Kazakhstan deserts.


Has some Oases and vallies including Vadi Mehtap, or Moon Valley, one of many inhabitated valley's in the desert and home to a temple of the Scorpion gods, Rayiys Alalihat Aleaqarab. It is bordered by the Gray Mountians near the grasslands and the cloud fog plateau near the rainforest. Other noteable landmarks include Ridgeback canyon (a large sandstone canyon carved by wind), Tawadin Siragi, Starlight caves, and the Temple to the Banishers of Apep.

Fauna & Flora

Home to quill foxes, desert rodents similar to chipmunks named Igne's jumping rats, sharpteeths, steppe wolves, sandworms, feral dogs, desert-goat cows, hawks, falcons, gem eaters, Ezgi's hopping gazelles, spiral horned gazelles, Senay's vanishing lake frogs, and fire shrimp.   Plants include white saxaul, black saxaul, siberian peashrub, zhong ma huang plants (ephedra intermedia), and ephedra sinica plants.

Natural Resources

Oases, water, food, rocks (sandstone, limestone, marble), desert glass, sand, meat, fur beasts, plants, herbs (near water)


  • Map of Firtinasi map

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