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Desert scorpion people

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Aiday, Ezgi, Isin, Everen

Masculine names

Everen, Hakan, Igne, Akrep

Family names

There really aren't family names, unless you count their "true names" where they name their kids after gods. Only family members know an individual's true name.

Other names

True names are based off of gods, i.e, "Maahes" or "Wepwawet".


Major language groups and dialects

The main language group is based off of Turkish with hints of Kazakh and Arabic.

Shared customary codes and values

Disabled members should be treated like everyone else. They must be supported and helped to find community work they can do, like telling stories, keeping track of records, healing, or acting as priests.

Average technological level

Pretty good. They have lanterns and star maps and tents and carts. Also very smart when it comes to geography, astronomy, and geology

Common Etiquette rules

Do not insult disabled members of the community. Do not harm children. Respect your elders. Use the pronouns the individual asks you to use for them. (Example, they/them/theirs, he/him/his, etc.)

Common Dress code

Mostly light colored robes for blending in with the environment and keeping warm. More brightly colored robes are used for ceremonies.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The scorpion gods are worshipped throughout the world.

Funerary and Memorial customs

A funeral is held in a temple after a body is mummified and stored in a small tomb.

Common Taboos

Abusing family members, cannibalism, murdering kids (disabled or not), killing elders.

Common Myths and Legends

The ancient desert people ruled the planet. They had wings, horns, sharp claws, great strength and agility, and could even survive their own poison. They were revered as demigods. Their DNA is said to still lie dormant in modern scorpion people, especially those from the desert.


Beauty Ideals

Scars are considered a mark of honor for fighters of all genders.

Gender Ideals

There really isn't any except for maybe being tall and long legged.

Relationship Ideals

Be fair and love your partner. Support all community members.

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