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Day 29 of Laynnan. 1397. B.O.A.D. Year of the judgment. In the fifth astral era.

Lakshmana-gutti is the the name of one of the six creational territories (known as the six Guttii) of the never-ending and omniscient cosmic cycle of creation, destruction and preservation known as: THE SAMSARA. Inside of this particular Gutti, lie many realms ruled and inhabited by many mortal peoples of different tribes and ideals. Many are rich, many are poor, many are wise and strong, many are weak and idiotic, many crave for power and go as far as defy the authority of the heavens, many do nefarious deeds of heresy in order to please either their own twisted creeds or the will of the demons. Some who are humble and kind wish for infinite peace and harmony, while others only seek to manipulate and dispose of those who dare to stand next to them.