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Lakeport is a world of heroes. From the end of the Fey War, it's been dominated by newly formed gods and goddesses, each looking to make a mark on the world. Raised up by the power of Grandfather Oak, these new Gods watch over the world and seek to push its boundaries further and further.   Lakeport is a world of ancient secrets. The Fey War is a relatively new event in the history of things at only ten thousand years old. Before that, the Fey, the Giants, and the Dragons all spent eons developing their own cultures and creating wonders of artifice and magic that have been lost to the intervening tides of time.   Lakeport is a world of adventure. It's a world where civilization is a newlyfound concept, and the various populations have little contact with each other. Adventurers will brave lost ruins, unexplored territory, and a land that actively resists the strongest efforts to change it.   Come to Lakeport, see the adventure, and enjoy your stay.

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