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Glimmer weave

I've never understood the draw of Glimmer, if I'm being honest. It's far too impractical for my tastes. I'll grant you that it's bright and pretty, and the shimmers in the fabric when it folds and moves is a sight to behold, but what else is it good for?   Glimmer weave isn't bright enough to hurt the Thramorri; it's not strong enough to be worn as every day clothes; it's dreadfully expensive and prone to tearing. But, I suppose I've answered my own question, haven't I?   Glimmer weave is popular precisely because it's impractical and expensive. Poor folk like us - working folk - could never in our dreams hope to afford even the smallest scrap of it. If you're wearing glimmer weave, it must mean that you've coin to waste. I once heard one of those magi fellows talking about it... "conspicuous consumption" he called it. Makes a certain kind of sense, I suppose.   But I still think it's foolish.


Material Characteristics

Glimmer weave is a rare and costly fabric made from infusing rare glow worm silks with Spirelight using arcane principles similar to those used to make sunstones. It can come in many different colours, though the most expensive weaves are usually shades of blue, purple, and red. It cannot be mass produced, so quantities are always small. For the most part, the fabric is used to make accents to larger items of clothing or accessories such as necklaces, earrings, or masks, but occasionally a wealthy patron will commission an entire suit or gown or robe made of glimmer weave.   In its finished state, glimmer weave is thin and delicate, and so is often reinforced by stitching it to a more structured material like cotton, wool, or conventional silks. Occasionally, glimmer threads are woven into larger bolts of cloths for a pretty - if muted - effect.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The light produced by glimmer weave is faint, perhaps as bright as a small candle. When worn, it will illuminate the wearer and cast faint light on those nearby. a complete outfit made of glimmer will illuminate a small room, though the light would be dim.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Glimmer weave is a fabric of wealth and status. Possessing even a small accessory is enough to earn praise and admiration.
A small accessory - a kerchief or ribbon - might set a working person back several months of wages. It is perhaps the most valuable consumer good to be found anywhere.
Very rare

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