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Dietary habits of the Thramorri

You wish to know what the Thramorri eat? Stay too long in the Dark and you'll find out.


The Thramorri are carnivores and the apex predators of Laethelle. Their predatory instincts are highly refined, making them excellent hunters who prefer to stalk and terrorize their prey before crippling them and consuming them while they are still alive to struggle. In the Long Night, the Thramorri's preferred diet consists largely of humans, who they farm to use as slaves and food.   Thramorri cities are unending nightmares for the enslaved humans who live there. From the moment they're born, they are bred for labour and to be hunted and killed for sport and sustenance. These humans have never known the light of the Spires, though they have often heard legends of them from slaves who have been captured at the edges of the illuminated lands.   Thramorri slaves survive on a diet of grubs and larvae, and on fungus grown beside the latrines and sewers of the slave pens. Cannibalism is common, though slaves who engage in the practice rarely survive the illness that results from consuming raw human flesh in such unsanitary conditions.   There is little known about the exact dietary requirements of the Thramorri, but the few slaves who have been rescued from them allege that Thramorri are more than merely carnivorous; they seem to feed off the agony and terror of their dying victims as much as on their bodies. When their human meals are insufficiently agonized or afraid, Thramorri will simply kill them and throw their corpses back into the pens. As a result, many human slaves have taken to drugging themselves on certain kinds of mushrooms which dulls their senses and renders them unafraid of nearly everything. They do so in the hopes that if the Thramorri come for them, they'll opt to kill them quickly rather than make them suffer.   Thramorri also make use of relatively advanced agricultural practices to farm and harvest giant salamanders and other Dark-adapted creatures to supplement their human livestock, and these advances have allowed their populations to swell significantly in recent centuries.

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